Thursday, June 29, 2006

Five by Five

(This post has been brought to you by: the number five.)

In light of the response to my last post, I’ll begin by reporting the latest minutiae about the Bub. He has rediscovered his Baby Einstein flashcards, which include a colourful set of cards numbered 1 through 5. For the last three days, he has played exclusively with these cards, arranging them in order, counting the dots on each card, and reciting sayings like "Three’s company, three’s a crowd" (still working on the origin of that one – he didn’t learn it from me). When he takes an occasional break from the numbers, he has reverted to some of the repetitive play that was more characteristic of him six months ago, spending fifteen minutes at a time turning the pages of a single book, or dancing his Weebles around the coffee table (always the same three Weebles – if we try to sneak in the little blue chick it is thrust aside gently but firmly, as if to say "You are not part of the Dancing Weeble Club, little chick. Get thee hence!"). The good news is that his love of the numbers 1 through 5 has led, finally, to some bona fide questions. If one of the cards falls to the floor, he’ll look around and ask, "Where’s the number one?" occasionally even with eye contact and a rising inflection. So in honour of the Bub, here is my tribute to the number five.

5 Cute Sayings from the Bub
1) Specials K (the breakfast cereal, as in "Pour some Specials K, and some milk!")
2) ocker-docker (helicopter)
3) custin (for cousin: he doesn’t have a cousin, and is never likely to, but his aunt did buy him a little stuffed rabbit named "Cousin Ben," by way of making up for her reprehensible lack of procreation)
4) "Red means GO!" (this is not so much a misunderstanding on his part as a deliberate deception, an attempt to keep the car moving as much as possible)
5) his memory verse: we cue him by saying, "God’s love for us is…." and he responds in his best Tony-the-Tiger: "Gweat!"

5 Things in my Life I’ve Given Up to Make Room for More Blogging
1) Sudoku
2) reading novels
3) the Sunday crossword
4) interacting with my husband and children
5) paying attention when people are talking to me (I try, really I do, but sometimes it takes a few minutes to exit "compose" mode in my head)

5 Things I Was Afraid of When I was Six Years Old
1) quicksand
2) cracking my head open
3) being kidnapped
4) being forced to walk the plank
5) falling into a bottomless pit

5 Things That Do Not Meet Bub’s Standard of Perfection
1) the Percy magnet in his Thomas the Tank Engine magnet book (it has a very tiny indentation where the Pie was biting on it, so every time Bub handles it he passes it to me saying, "Wash off Percy!")
2) his #3 card from the Baby Einstein flashcard pack (slightly creased, also subject to Bub’s requests for me to "Wash off number three!")
3) board books that do not lie perfectly flat (no hope of washing off here – just screaming, the endless screaming)
4) the shade on his car window, that allows stray beams of sunlight to shine on his Leap Pad in an unacceptable manner
5) any song his mother might be singing which is not the same as the song he was thinking of in his head

5 Words/Phrases/Expressions that I Never Used Until I Started Blogging
1) "blogging"
2) "I heart you"
3) "I hear you" (as in, "I. so. hear. you.")
4) "people" (as in, "it’s not rocket science, people")
5) "I wish something bad would happen to me so I could blog about it" (I didn’t actually say this one out loud, but I caught myself thinking it before I came to my senses)

Oh, and Mother Bumper? I’m working on your meme, really I am – these are the random lists that came to mind whenever I tried to think of things that I hate.


sunshine scribe said...

I was nodding like one of those cheesy bobble-head dolls right along to this great one.

First - Bub's sayings crack me up!

Second - I was afraid of all of those things when I was six - especially of walking the plank. Not sure when I expected that could transpire but I was terrified.

Third - Um Bub and my son should never meet to compare their perfection standards because the result would be scary. My guy is F-U-S-S-Y. Yikes

metro mama said...

I haven't read a novel since I started blogging. :(

mamatulip said...

It's MUCH harder to get through a novel now that there are BLOGS to read.

'ocker docker'? (Did I spell it right?) That is SO STINKIN' CUTE. I heart that. ;)

lildb said...

I want to say some things in response to this post, but I need to let it simmer. Sometimes I have to do that with your words; you include so much fodder for my head to chew over, and there are so many layers of flavor to work through, that I need a few hours/days.

Still, this post has it all, really. Humor, reflection, depth, clarity; geez. I'm not gonna need to eat for the rest of the day, now.

(and my husband wonders why I can't seem to think of anything to make for meals -- after I've ingested satisfying blogs all day.)

Nancy said...

Your list of things you've given up for blogging resonated clearly with me. Yes, here I sit on the couch trying desperately to catch up on my reading/commenting backlog -- but I've got clean clothes in the dryer and other stuff to do. Not to mention, it might be nice to interact with my children!!

lildb's comment on ingesting blogs got me too. Maybe I should try reading at dinnertime so I can better stick to my diet. ;-)

Her Bad Mother said...

Is this an actual meme? or did you just make it up? Cuz I loveded it, truly.

Yes, I said loveded. One more thing that I never did before blogging - used bad grammar or mangled language for effect.

Mommy off the Record said...

Dude, I so heart you.

moonstruck mama said...

I'm now counting the number of things I am giving up for my newly found blogging obsession, and it's not pretty.

I was afraid of quicksand too...was it old Tarzan movies?

lynsalyns said...

My husband calls my computer my "new boyfriend." Can't. Stop. Blogging. He should be grateful ... I'd be spewing my venom on him if I wasn't writing it down! :)

And people, I've been saying "people" for like, ever. Now I just have an outlet to use it more often!

bubandpie said...

lynsalyns, lildb - The husbands are strangely not on board with the blogging, aren't they? They should start making t-shirts that say "Blog Widower."

Moonstruck Mama - I know the bottomless pit was from a Flintstones episode, and of course the plank (hi SS!) was from Peter Pan - but I can't remember where the quicksand fear came from.

Metro Mama, Mama Tulip - My new plan is two chapters a day: one immediately after putting the children to bed, and one immediately before going to bed myself. At that rate, I should make it through Harry Potter before Christmas.