Saturday, July 01, 2006

Past My Bedtime

Edited below...

Every night at about 10 pm, my husband starts in with the remarks. "Time to be heading upstairs," he'll say, or, "Bub will probably be up early tomorrow." And I'll hurriedly scan through my Bloglines to follow up any last minute posts, or take one last look at my SiteMeter. By the time I amble upstairs it's 11:30 - another missed chance to catch up on some lost sleep.

My husband loves his sleep. Preferably in uninterrupted 9-hour chunks. We knew when we had a baby that the days of sleeping in past ten (or nine, or eight) were over. What nobody warned us about was the pernicious effect of blogging on one's sleep habits (Unhealthy Sleep Habits, Unhappy Husband).

Last night, however, the blogging-related sleep deprivation reached a new height, as I discovered a new recipe for a late bedtime. First, stay out far later than intended living it up with fellow Mommy-Bloggers at T.O. gathering. Second, lie awake for several hours replaying the conversation: Appreciating the way Sunshine Scribe so deftly drew everyone out with her friendly questions. Laughing again at HBM's stories. Remembering the unparalleled beauty of Scarbiedoll's little boy Nate from the afternoon gathering. Enjoying anew the amazing Strawberry's bouncy red curls. Reflecting on how approachable Metro Mama and Kittenpie were, how their friendliness kept everyone at ease.

It must have been well past two before I fell asleep - and it was definitely five-thirty on the dot when Bub awoke this morning, screaming in terror at finding himself in a strange bed (we're staying at the BFF's house, only his second overnight stay away from home).

I'm barely keeping my eyes open this morning, but it was SO WORTH IT, you guys. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun.

Just when I thought my weekend couldn't get any better - I'm awarded a PIMP from Her Bad Mother and a Perfect Post from Mommy Off the Record. I've been stumbling around with a silly grin on my face all day.


sid said... addicted blogger eh :)!
anyways interesting stuff u got here :)

sunshine scribe said...

I think you are the first to do the post-To-Blogger-gathering recap. I loved it and echo your words completely. It was so wonderful to meet you in person and appreciate the kind, funny and articulate woman behind Bub & Pie. I am so glad I went yesterday! Have a great weekend :)

metro mama said...

I had a great time. It was so nice meeting you.

Cakes was up at six, so I too am bleary eyed.

kittenpie said...

Bah, I at least got til 7, but still. Also laid awake thinking of all the posts to spin out of the topics of conversation covered.

So great to hang out with you ladies!

lildb said...

JEALOUS. so. verrrrry. jealous.

that doesn't mean I'm not totally stoked that blogher canada just happened yesterday; I am.

but still. so. jealous.

*I* hung out with four distinctly non-mother ladies yesterday evening, and kept feeling awesome during the conversation that revolved around topics such as managing over thirty people, living/working in the middle east, the resolution of the heartache of a somewhat recent break-up, a recent engagement, the ins-and-outs of managing many people in a geriatric/social services setting, climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro (sp? whatever) in March, etc.

hi. when it was my turn to talk, I was all, um, pass.

did I mention how JEALOUS I am that you all got to hang out? oh, oh. sigh.

Mommy off the Record said...

I try not to be a jealous person, but, but,...goddangit, you guys are making it so hard! Glad you all had a fun time meeting each other!

something blue said...

I am thrilled to have met you. It was such a wonderful evening. You are a very approachable person in your own right! I look forward to the next get together.

Mom101 said...

Aw, I feel like the kid pressing her face against the locked candy store window.

mamatulip said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time!

bubandpie said...

Jealousy, well-wishes, and pretty compliments! No wonder I love comments so much.

Oh, and I found the website I mentioned in such a spectacularly unhelpful way last night - the one with the amazingly lust-worthy blog banners:

(If only I had the know-how to put links in comments!)

Her Bad Mother said...

Having stayed up well past my own bedtime, and feeling happily worn out today, I still haven't been able to put it all into words.


Because I loved it as much as you did.

Naomi said...

I'm SO sad I missed the get together. I've been sick, and just couldn't gather up the energy to do it. Sounds like it was a blast, though!

I'm VERY jealous!

Caryn said...

Congratulations on the awards! The Perfect Post one is actually what led me to your blog. As for blogging leading to lack of sleep, I definitely know the feeling. Why, oh, why do there have to be so many good bloggers out there with wonderful posts I must read each day. I ask you! So inconsiderate... ;-)

metro mama said...

Congrats on the perfect post!

Mommy-Like Days said...

Hey--just wanted to let you know I have one Pie shoe here. And I am trying to catch up with your blog. Cheers :)

Nancy said...

Sounds like you all had an amazing time. I am jealous, but in that happy-for-you kind of way, if that makes sense. ;-)