Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Tenth Commandment

Thou shalt not covet...

As commandments go, the tenth one is quite possibly the trickiest. I generally do okay when it comes to my neighbour's wife and ox, but occasionally there are posts that drive me directly into mortal sin - posts that capture a moment so eloquently that I'm filled with a despairing wish that I had written them myself.

I had that experience this month when I read KittenPie's post on her daughter's illness. It has been a hot, hot July this year, and my children too have suffered from bouts of summertime fever that left them limp and cuddly, radiating heat and love and sweetness. While I made jokes about how much I was enjoying my children's sickness, KittenPie was weaving together words that somehow capture the very essence of a summer thunderstorm coming at the end of a long, humid day, and the wonderful intimacy of cuddling with a sweet, trusting child as the thunder rolls overhead.

A Perfect Post

I'm a newbie at this business of nominating a Perfect Post award, and I've managed it only after much wringing of hands and sending of "Help! Where's the button?" messages, so I beg you all to go and read her post. (It has a wonderful title which I would reproduce for you here if only I knew how to type the degree symbol! Alas, my technologically-challenged self fails again, so you'll just have to go look. It's worth the wait.)

For more perfect posts, check out this month's list at Petroville or at Suburban Turmoil.


something blue said...

You've made a brilliant choice! I too loved this one. Hooray for the poetic words of Kittenpie.

mamatulip said...

This was such a fantastic post. Great choice.

Mom101 said...

That was indeed a perfect post. Nice! Thanks for pointing me towards it.

kittenpie said...

Thanks for this, lady, it is so very nice to know people like what you're putting out there!

And I have not yet succeeded in putting the button in the post, which didn't like my html for some reason, although I did get it onto my sidebar. Huh.

(And I'm a little inept too - I cheated by cutting and pasting the degree sign from MSWord!)

sunshine scribe said...

Yay - well deserved!!! Hooray for Kittenpie!