Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm Bored

But don’t worry! It’s not because of the children!

(Am I Bored? is still up at the top of the charts on SiteMeter, thanks to the bounteous munificence of Mom-101, so this is by way of a sequel, dealing with the boredom of the rest of my life.)

I can’t seem to focus my mind on anything interesting today. I’ve toyed around with a few post ideas ("Siblings Twenty Months Apart – The Pros and Cons" or maybe "Moms’ Groups – The Laughter, The Tears"), and I even contemplated writing up a pointless and mind-numbing how-to for some of my favourite board and/or card games ("How to Win at Settlers of Catan" or "Chez Geek: Bubandpie’s List of Who NOT to Play With"). Then I came to my senses and realized that a rant about boredom would be considerably more exciting than any of these posts.

If I weren’t so mind-numbingly bored, I could report on the Pie’s long-deferred 12-month check-up, wringing amazing comical effects from the ten minutes the doctor spent unsuccessfully trying to load the syringe with the meningococcus vaccine before giving up and sticking her with the MMR. (Which may or may not have mostly spilled on my leg … aren’t doctors supposed to notice if that happens? Isn’t there something in med school that covers the importance of getting the vaccine into the patient?)

Or perhaps I could tell a cute and heartwarming anecdote about the Bub’s unsuccessful attempt to locate Mama’s belly button (after looking down my shirt and announcing, "Belly button all gone!" he finally found the little flap of skin that passes for a belly button these days, tweaked it between his thumb and forefinger and said "Beep!" as if it were my nose).

Another option? How ’bout the difficulty of incorporating the fall TV line-up into my blogging schedule? Having started my blog in May, I have yet to combine my blog-reading and -writing regimen with my previous commitments to House, Lost, and Bachelor. (Will there be another bachelor, I wonder, or has the public’s appetite for doomed and implausible relationship-forging inexplicably dried up? Will there ever be a bachelorette who has not previously competed on Bachelor? Will anybody want to read my blog if I fill it with questions such as these?)

Alternatively, I could compose an ode to fall, extolling the glories of leaves crunching underfoot and applesauce simmering on the stove. Or maybe I could just write about what’s really bothering me: the fact that it’s September and for the first time since I was three years old I’m not going back to school (okay, the second time, but last year I was on maternity leave, and that was different). I have logged on to the website for my online course a few times, but it’s not quite the same thing as greeting those nervously jaded faces in my first-year English class or tempering the misplaced optimism of the Children’s Literature students who confide that they’re really looking forward to the course as a break from their "real" (read: science) classes.

I’m not actually depressed about this. I’m looking forward to taking the children to moms’ group tomorrow (the laughter! the tears!). But every once in awhile I look over at Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Ian McEwan’s Atonement stacked up over there on the bookshelf alongside Elements of Fiction and the Norton Anthology of English Literature and I kind of miss what I’m missing. And something about that missing is making me feel really, really bored.


Mouse said...

I actually just posted about facing the fact that I'll be teaching next week; sort of the flip side of your boredom since I've been ignoring its imminence.

I understand about missing teaching; during the few times I've been away from the classroom since my first teaching experience, there was a definite spark missing.

penelopeto said...

I think that there's something in the air.
Can't say that I'm bored - in fact, this is a week back at home just for me and bumblebee, so I am loving, loving, loving every minute, but... I can't think of a damn compelling, readable thing to post about.

But once again you give me pause - blogging and new fall tv? uh oh. I'm testing the waters right now, trying to blog while I catch up on grey's anatomy reruns. this multitasking shit is hard.

metro mama said...

I went back to school today (3 courses this term!) and I'm worried how I will manage blogging and essay writing.

I suspect I will be dying to be bored very soon.

Kvetch said...

I've found that the notion of being bored is something some strive for or only dream of. But that doesn't make it any less valid, or annoying, or troublesome. Just remember, being bored is far better than being boring. And that, you are not. :-)

Minnehaha Mama said...

Aw, just pretend we're your students and tell us what we should know about children's literature. I promise not to say that your blog is a nice break from my "real" (read: dooce) blogs.

MotherPie said...

Blog Ennui???

nomotherearth said...

The answer is "Yes!" to your question of whether anyone will read a post full of questions about the Fall TV schedule! I a m a TV Lover and I don't care who knows it! I justify it by reading almost as much as I watch TV. (Note: almost. The reading schedule slowed down since the advent of The Boy. Strangely, I still find time for TV...hmm) It seems we watch the same shows, although The Husband rolls his eyes at Bachelor. It really only works with a Bachelor and a room full of catty women, doncha think? You may also like Veronica Mars and Battlestar Galactica. I, actually, rolled my eyes when The Husband suggested them, but they are fabulous! Any if you're feeling the TV Guilt, try "Shadow of the Wind" by Carloz Zafon - I just started it and am really enjoying it.

PS. Your posts are never boring to me!

nomotherearth said...

Ok, so I look like an illiterate who can't spell. Shows what lack of sleep does to my command of the English language...

Bobita said...

I have Fall quarter off (to write my dissertation...woo-hoo!) and I have had the same kind of longing that you described. The woman who will be teaching my FAVORITE class this Fall, came to pick up my lecture notebook and powerpoint slides yesterday and it was the first time that I felt the pangs. Pangs of sadness at missing out on seeing the nervous faces.

I was surprised by my sadness. Usually, I feel a bit of dread to start the year...because I know that very soon I will have several students that will test my patience, and take me to the limits of my capacity for understanding. The students who inspire me to daydream of poking thumb tacks into their eyeballs!

Maybe it is the dread of the dissertation, but I will miss the pot smoking, beer drinking, missing class because the "dog ate my homework" hooligans! Heh!

kittenpie said...

It's amazing how living that rhythm for so long, every fall feels like school time, even though I haven't been in school myself for some years. It does impact my rhythms at work, of course, with Summer Reading Club morphing into outreach and class visits, and this year Misterpie started teaching. I can't imagine being in a profession without that fresh September start.

lildb said...

dude, I'm re-reading the Anne series, and simultaneously Turn of the Screw, and sandwiching blog-reading, working on embroidery and dreaming of the fall line-up. all while watching my son run around our patch of land and occasionally running interference. yeah, it makes for some choppy absorption of the stimulus.

(I have a feeling that I would not have even these bites of opportunities if I had a second baby to interface with, so I feel you.)

Pieces said...

I understand your boredom although I don't share the feeling (that comes in January). September always hits with the ferocity of a hungry lion and I become so busy that I can't breathe until after Christmas.

You can blog about being bored anytime you want. It is very stimulating for me! And I want to hear more about the moms' group. It sounds like fabulous blog fodder.

sunshine scribe said...

I completely hear what you are saying. And glad that I read it ... I've been craving a bit of that boredom as I sit with far too many overwhelming things on my to do list with work etc etc. But I get what you say and "bored" is not always what I need either :)

Merry Mama said...

Ouch!! This is proof to me that sooner is not better. I was the Grammar Geek in middle school. Yes, I used to go to bat with the teachers over misplaced modifiers and participle phrases, which had me stumped until I realized that the text book was inconsistent with itself and that is where the problem lay.

I have, lately, been humiliated and bored myself...bored with my writing which at one time was profound and provactive-- at least to ME-- and now waxes dry and stale...bored with my lack of endurance when it comes to completing a literary work of worth-- patting myself on the back, instead, when I can complete ONE article from the NEW YORKER.

But. Would I? Dare I consider the value of those egotistical pursuits as a trade-off for full time motherhood?

I think not.