Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Things I Learned Yesterday

From the newspaper: that it may not be too late to get some use out of that old banana clip.

I’ve been waiting for this day since I first snatched up a pair of huge dangly hoop earrings at RW five years ago. Fashion experts now have this advice: "Wear mini skirts with leggings, tights, leg warmers and flat boots, for a modern look, that’s both comfortable and easy to wear." Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited about the long over lean style. But I never thought I’d live to see the day when "leg warmers" and "a modern look" could be used in the same sentence (much less a sentence with that many unnecessary commas). It’s like the Cylon raiders returning after forty years to wipe out humanity. Only scarier.

From Peppa Pig: that the British call training wheels "stabilizers."

As in, "That’s a baby bicycle! You have stay-bil-oi-zahs!" (What could be cuter than a pink pig with an English accent squealing, "But I don’t WANT to have stay-bil-oi-zahs anymore!")

From my family doctor: that it’s hard to keep a straight face when a trusted medical professional attempts to calm your baby by asking, "What’s happenEEENG?" in a heavy Mexican accent laid on overtop of his usual heavy Pakistani accent.

From my daughter: that banana-flavoured amoxicillin is "Yummy!"

(Not sure I believe her on this one: just a whiff from that bottle brings back a host of unpleasant childhood memories.)

From my husband: that you can never be too careful what you say to a blogger.

Hubby (after reading yesterday’s comments about the Creamy Deluxe frosting): Does it make it easier to be a bad parent when we know that everyone else is too?

Me (smiling happily): That’s what mommy-blogging is all about!

Hubby (pondering): I guess the good moms don’t have time to blog all day.

(Pause. Hubby realizes the inevitable. Sigh.)

Hubby: And yes, you can quote me on that.


Mommy off the Record said...

I still can't believe 80s clothes are making a comeback. I really think that the fashion world is playing a big old April fools joke on us, which will be revealed next Spring.

ali said...

what a tic...did you say you were *excited* about this new long over lean look???!!! say it ain't so. i'm totally mourning. the 80's are back and there's nothing i can do to stop it.

metro mama said...

Hee hee. That sounds like something my hubby would say.

Karen said...

Where have all the good mothers gone?

I owned a mini-skirt and leg-warmers, and remember proudly wearing them in second grade, right after receiving them for Christmas in 1982.

bubandpie said...

Ali - Keep in mind that my version looks a lot more like the "baggy over baggy" look. I'm just glad to see the end of the cropped shirt (a look that just doesn't go well with my muffin top). But I draw the line at legwarmers (a woman's gotta have standards, right?).

crabbykate said...

Gotta say, I'm a fan of the legwarmers. I know, I know. Crazy. But I kind of like the look.

and ya know, I'm a huge fan of Peppa Pig. Seriously. When that show comes on I sing the theme song really loudly in Alice's ear. With a British accent. Very mature.

sunshine scribe said...

I am all about the banana clips ... leg warmers - not so much.

And Mr. B&P .. tsk tsk. :)

Beanie Baby said...

Cylons! This is why I read you. For not-that-obscure-anymore sci-fi references.

Heather said...

Oh how that brought back nightmares of bananna amoxicillin from when I was a kid. I shudder even now thinking about that stuff. I still say if I wore it the first time around I'm not eligible to wear it the second time around.

Anonymous said...

Those are all great. I just bought some mini's at the thrift store and I still have leggings, but I CAN'T see my old hag self doing the leg warmers again. I was there the first time so OY!

Also, my husband says "We're all your victims" re: blogging!

Pieces said...

He's no dummy. Funny post!

Suzanne said...

I guess now that the fashions from the seventies have been mined sufficiently, the next obvious source of inspiration is the eighties. And yet nothing will make me wear leg warmers or skinny jeans ever again. Or banana clips.

Lisa b said...

You know I am so conflicted about the 80s clothes. Now legwarmers? You were kidding about the banana clips right? RIGHT?

penelopeto said...

Good thing your hubby is a quick study.

and, um, I bought cozy grey leg-warmers last year. Becuase my legs get cold. You can forget the mini skirt.

Tina C said...

i am also very scared by the return of these 80's looks. speaking of bad fashion, styles both 'new' and resurrected, i enjoyed this blog when it was active, and reading the archives still makes me giggle:

((p.s. - i could describe me to you, but not in a blog space -- too public for me!!))

bubandpie said...

Tina C. - You could always email me with all the usual info (kids? how old? what blogs do you read and why?). Or not - it's up to you. I'm just a naturally nosy person.

crazymumma said...

Gawd, these eighties clothes make me want to weep. Anyhoooo, enough about bad body image...I am a Bad Mummy. I blog. Too much. My big girl wants her own blog now! I told her she could post on mine....

And...banana flavoured anything?...blechhhh

nomotherearth said...

These legs don't need no warmers, I got enough padding to keep me warm all winter long. Please say no!

Cylon raiders - ha, ha! It's comforting to know that someone else caught on to the obscure refererence. I don't feel quite so nerdy now... Battlestar Galatica is frackin' cool! (Yup, still a nerd.)

T. said...

I have seen you around the blogosphere, and I have always meant to pop in. And boy am I glad I did!

I just read through all the posts on the page, and I gotta say: I love you..

So from one blogging mommy to another (who also uses the Creamy Deluxe frosting with a small tear in my eye) Hello!

I will definetly be back.

Jennifer said...

My 3.5 year old daughter has requested leg warmers. EEK!

Your husband's comment was hilarious by the way. I won't deny it. ;)

Mayberry said...

Hee! Your husband--and your doctor, and YOU!--cracks me up.

lildb said...

I loved leg warmers. and I still do.

I'm happy that the silly styles I loved from childhood are back. it doesn't mean I'll be wearing them, but it doesn't necessarily mean I won't. :p

and your husband's funny (that is, he sounds funny coming through your pen, er, keyboard).


Em said...

Your husband has a nice sense of humour. Mine won't even read my blog anymore - the last time he looked in, I'd described him as a workaholic and it took him a week to get over it.

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Mary P. said...

Fashions recycle every 15 - 30 years. No reason it should stop! I remember my mother snorting over my low-rise jeans in the late seventies, saying that was nothing new! Then waistlines went up for a while, and then, when they came down again everyone thought they were doing something fresh and new. Nope. :-)

Everything old is new again. All the time.

And hubby? Phbhbht!

DaniGirl said...

Laughing. My husband looks at me and rolls his eyes and says, 'You're blogging all this in your head, aren't you? You're not even in front of the computer, and you're blogging.'

Um, guilty!

mad_hatter said...

Are there good mommies out there? Lord preserve me from that fate.

bubandpie said...

Thank goodness surfingmama finally stopped by here! I was starting to feel left out.

Em - That is really intriguing, your husband's reaction to that post. I remember it as more of a cry for help - I'd be interested to know more about how he responded.

Nomotherearth - I just started watching Battlestar Galactica (thanks in part to the number of discerning BG fans I've encountered in the blogosphere) and it makes me want to say "frack" ALL THE TIME.

Crazymumma - Exactly - there should not be "banana flavoured" - either something is a banana or it is not. Cherry-flavoured, on the other hand, is yummy (even though I don't like actual cherries).

Mary-LUE said...

I'm sure your hubby just said what many of our loved ones are thinking! ;)

My daughter started sporting the side pony this summer. It didn't look bad but gave me a little case of the shudders thinking about the 80s. I asked her what made her think to ask for a side pony and she said, "Napolean Dynamite." Well, that was different. She was sporting a Deb so I can't argue with her on that!

wordgirl said...

Good Moms DO blog. It's what prevents us from going completely nuts!!

BenBirdy1 said...

Okay, dear Bub and Pie, here's something funny (not exactly ha-ha): on so many blogs this week, people are taking their kids to the emergency room. I just thought I'd mention that--you know, to make you feel less alone in your bad parenting. ; )

(That's only my second-ever attempt at making a face with punctuation marks. It gives me a little bit of a weird feeling.)

I am so glad I came here today, and it would have been worth it just to see that pig plus your phonetic spelling of a british accent.

xo Catherine

p.s. Leg warmers! How will they fit over the flare-leg jeans I finally got three years after they were fashionable?

Julie Pippert said...

I won't wear skinny pants with cropped tops a la Audrey. I won't. I won't. I won't. stomps foot I already did that look, twenty years ago when I was a young girl. It was fine on my then twiggy body. Will. not. work. for. me. now.

I'd love tops slightly longer than waistband---oh yeah I would.

But baggy? For me now? I think it will just make a bad thing worse...

As far as Peppa Pig, I have two word: Kipper (love it, cracks me up, sing the song and everything) and Jakers.

As for your husband, yeah, that was a whipped cream pie in the face. ;)

Heh. Mine has done the same.

When he sees himself in my blog, he tends to log in (as me of I appear to be fighting myself LOL) and make his own comment. Like the Denny's thing. LOL

And the good moms are blogging. The other moms are imitating a helicopter and hovering over the kids. ;) Our kids are learning "self-play."

And honestly? Canned frstingis bad parenting?

Sheeeee shawwwww I'm in deep trouble LOL.

Aliki2006 said...

I must confess I *did* like banana clips--they really did wonders for my straight hair.

But no, no, no to the other 80s paraphenalia. Ditto what the other reader said--skinny jeans looked good one about ten years ago, but not NOW.

ccap said...

Regarding what your husband said: In my house that would be called a BURN! :-)

Mother Bumper said...

wow, you learned a lot yesterday! Holy cow, I can't believe the 80's are back and your Cylon reference I wonder what I learned yesterday?

kittenpie said...

The 80s I thought for sure would die and not come back. Like fashion would jsut skip over that part of the cycle, having learned its lesson the hard (neon mesh) way. But sadly, no. It keeps trying to rear its really very ugly head. My sister started into the 80s some while back, and I could only roll my eyes.

(and um, what are Cylons? Like The Nylons, but robotized?)

pumpkinpie looooves medicine flavours, all of which I find repulsive. She;ll occasionally ask for some when she doesn't need any, which I find a little scary, given how my sister drank an entire bottle of cough syrup when she was wee.

And finally, just what are you implying there, Mr B&P? Hmmm?