Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Report

1. Sleep report:
2:00-3:00 am: Bub awake, frantic
3:00-4:00 am: Bub returns to sleep; I lie awake, trying to figure out where to buy a night-light for Bub’s room
4:00-5:00 am: asleep on the couch downstairs, dreaming that I’m wandering around the department store, looking for a night-light
5:00 am: Pie wakes up, doing her usual 5-minute cycle of chatter/silence/crying (lather, rinse, repeat)
5:20 am: Bub announces, from his bed, "It’s the Pie!" (everybody gets up)
11:00 am: after a two-hour nap and two cups of coffee, I’m ready to start blogging my day.

2. Blogger in beta report:
I’ve been nervous about upgrading to Blogger in beta, but since the commenting glitches seem to have been resolved, I girded my loins and made the switch on Friday, so I could spend the weekend tinkering. And I’m loving it. Categories! New fonts and colours! I’ve switched to a sans-serif font for the main text of my blog. What do you think – do you find this easier to read?

3. SiteMeter report:
Apparently, if you spend the day republishing every post you’ve ever written (adding labels – sorry for the inconvenience, Bloglines subscribers!), you get a SiteMeter full of click-overs from Spanish and Dutch blogs, and blogs with names like "" Are those all "Next Blog" hits, generated by yesterday’s frantic pace of publishing?

4. Google report:
Kittenpie has often alluded to the prevalence of Google hits on her blog from people looking for Yann Martel’s novel, Life of Pi. I am pleased to report that math geeks are at least as illiterate as students looking to plagiarize their book reports: ever since my post on The Mathematics of Attraction, I’ve seen a steady stream of Google searches for "pie in mathematics."

5. Rage report:
Despite last night’s precedent-setting new level of sleep deprivation, I’ve managed to avoid total meltdown today (so far; it’s still early). The trick seems to be to avoid housework, along with all interaction with other human beings.


One of the coping mechanisms that didn’t make the list in my most recent post is Flippancy: it takes an awful lot to turn off my faucet of lame jokes and self-mockery. I don’t know if that tactic is native to me; certainly I knew nothing of it as a teenager, when I treated all my troubles with the utmost of seriousness. I suspect I’ve learned it from my husband, for whom the adjective "earnest" is the ultimate condemnation. I’ve always had a sneaking preference for sincerity (it’s why I prefer The Joshua Tree to Achtung, Baby), yet I’ve acquired a crippling inhibition that prevents me from uttering ordinary sentiments like thanks, sympathy, or admiration.

I want to write a moving tribute to all the people who sent links in response to my rage post. Many of you pointed me to posts you had written already on this subject in the heat of the moment, while others wrote with wisdom and honesty about the dark side of mothering: not just the anger but also the guilt, frustration, and self-doubt. A little while ago I used a quote from the movie Shadowlands: we read to know we’re not alone. I’ve rarely felt more alone than when in the grip of maternal rage, and I’ve rarely felt such relief at the antidote to that sense of isolation. So instead of writing the heartfelt tribute that these posts deserve, I’ll just slap them on at the end of this dog’s breakfast of a post, and let them speak for themselves.

Iowadrift: Hissing
Three Times Three: The Ugly Truth
POW: Drama
Rock the Cradle: Let’s go back in time
Postcards from the Mothership: Tired oh tired, yes so very very tired
Life, the Universe and Everything: Wall Rage
Write About Here (Cinnamon Gurl): The Other Mother
The Ravin’ Picture Maven: Whirling dervish
Better Make it a Double: Mother Rage
Her Bad Mother: Survivor: Child Island
Life of 'Pie: Seeing Red Stop Signs
Crunchy Carpets: Fine, I will step up to the confessional
Snickollet: The Beast Within
Mamalang: I'm a big doh head
Major Bedhead: A rotten mother


Mouse said...

I was so sure Bloglines was flipping out. 47 new posts?! Now I understand.

cinnamon gurl said...

Hey, thanks for the link. I look forward to reading the others.

I went to blogger beta last week and I love the categories and discovered all the extra hits too. I like the sans serif font - I also went to one.

Hee hee: pie in mathematics... gotta love those mathematicians! (And now I'm wondering: does mathematicians have an e or not?) Oh, you put an e in so I will too.

sunshine scribe said...

Looks purty. When I went to bloglines today I thought you had edited everyone of your posts ... whoa... now makes good sense :) HOpe you enjoy your new digs.

nonlineargirl said...

I've been on the fence for a while about beta (I want want want categories) but held off because of the comment problem. If that has been fixed I will have to jump on the bandwagon.

Oh, and re pie and mathematics - could be it isn't poor spellers, but just people like my husband (mathematician, dessert fanatic).

Rock the Cradle said...

Glad to hear the beta version is up and running. Looks like I'll have to come on over to the dark side as well.

Re: Housecleaning. Dust bunnies in the corners only means you've been doing more important things. A clean house is an overrated concept. Dirt and grime builds immunity to disease! Yay dirt! Yay sanity!

Thanks for including me in your list, B&P.

Em said...

A question for you - I've switched to beta blogger but am terrified to do the big template switcheroo because blogger warns me that I will lose many of the changes I've previously made. Will I lose my header/background etc.? I notice you've still got your header... did you have to redo it?

Em said...

PS Thanks for the link!

PPS I never managed to comment on your previous post. My happiness technique is "rationalisation" - similar to your sour grapes category. I tell myself all the reasons why I am better off for not getting what I want. EG, when we recently missed out buying on our dream home, I quickly found a whole host of reasons that we'd made a lucky escape.

Mommy off the Record said...

So, beta blogger, eh? Maybe I should just get with the times and do it. I've always wanted're site looks great by the way!

And I still want to do a post on rage, but for now I'll just peruse the links here and see what others have to say about it.

Lady M said...

Thanks for those links.

I like the font. I've given up reading some blogs due to poor fonts and backgrounds, so props to you for caring about your readers' eyes!

something blue said...

Yippee! You've joined me in the Beta darkside! Wha~ha~ha... {Insert evil laughter} Really it's not so bad anymore.

bubandpie said...

Em - I did have to re-do everything. The sidebar stuff was easy - you just copy and paste from your old template into their new "Layout" thingy (there's a thing you can use to "Add Elements" and one of the options is to add HTML). To add SiteMeter I copy and pasted from the old template directly into the new template (which worked better than trying to use the Add Elements feature).

The banner was a whole other story - that required assistance from the resident computer expert and took some figuring out because the new templates are XML and contain widgets, whereas the old template is in HTML. (This, at least, is what I gathered from various mutterings overheard during the process - I do not pretend to understand these terms.)

karrie said...

The sleep report sounds familiar.

Max loves his Candeloo
They're a bit pricey--his was a gift--but worth it. He would be tempted to unplug/plug-in/unplug/plug-in a standard nightlight.

bubandpie said...

Karrie - Yeah. Night-light made no apparent difference - last night was a repeat of the night before, except more fun because I got to spend the insomnia part worrying about Bitacle (who grabbed my blog while I was republishing the whole thing this weekend, which was entirely predictable and, likely, easily preventable by someone with even marginally adequate foresight).

MOTR - I will, of course, be happy to add more links for anyone who has something to add. Let me know!

Em said...

Thanks for your response. Alas I don't have a resident computer expert (and am not one myself) so I'd better sit tight and resist the urge to switch my template (pity - it looks like fun).

DaniGirl said...

Ah, that explains 72 new bloglines updates from you!

First, thanks for the shout-out!

Second, blogger beta? Bleh. I'm having a very.hard.time with it lately. It ate one entire post this morning, and then wouldn't let me add a link, nor a photo. Painful! I find it a little unreliable, to say the least.

Oh, and you don't have to convert your layout to the new version, if you only want to use categories. That's what I did. I kept my existing layout and the only change is that I now make my posts with the blogger beta interface, but the template management (or lack thereof) is identical.

kittenpie said...

oh, and I just posted my opinion about why anger in parenting is not all bad.

In a class I took on text, we were told that serifs actually draw the eye along, making reading slightly easier and fast. Just in case you're interested in my arcane bits of knowledge!

And we had a crappy sleep weekend, too - turns out Pumpkinpie had an ear infection, and now seems fine with some meds.

Christina said...

Wow, that is a lousy sleep schedule. Cordy wakes up a lot in the middle of the night, but she just chatters and then goes back to sleep. This is why I'm terrified of ever moving her to a toddler bed. Once she can get out of bed, she'll probably be complaining more during those night wakings.

You are far braver than I am, switching to Blogger Beta. I'm still waiting for more of the bugs to be fixed before making the jump. Also, my template is a mess of a hack job, so I can't imagine how hard it would be to re-do it.

metro mama said...

I am putting off switching over for a little while longer.

Isn't it nice having categories!

I hope your sleep situation gets better soon.

Ruth Dynamite said...

I started to comment on your previous post about how I'm basically a positive realist and try to surround myself with positive people, but then I kept slipping into the territory in which I often reside - that of self-mockery and general flippishness, as you mention. I cope through seeing the funny side of life. And that makes me happy.

Crunchy Carpets said...

I think my biggest Unfair Why is: Why do my kids tag team the no sleep thing.

If one kid is sleeping past 7, the other will surely not.

This never fails.
They must have a schedule written up between them.

And shared pain is less pain right? I will read the one's I missed!

Mayberry said...

Thanks for blogger in beta report. Been wondering. I couldn't comment all day yesterday, but it's back to normal today.

Mrs. Davis said...

Must look into the blogger beta again. Thanks for the info on that.

Hope you get some sleep soon.

Her Bad Mother said...

SO GLAD that you put those links together. Misery loves company.

And? Beta has fixed the comments issue? I'm gonna have to jump on the bandwagon, I guess...

Mary P. said...

Ha! Now I understand why you had 89 new posts when I looked on Monday morning. I blamed bloglines.

I've been thinking of changing to Beta because I love the idea of categories. I even have my categories pretty much worked out, but I keep getting cold feet at the last minute. It's working fine for you?

bubandpie said...

MP - Dani scared me a bit, but so far so good: I haven't had any problems posting pictures or commenting. The only glitch is that since I switched to short feeds (in a classic case of too little too late - Bitacle scooped me up on my weekend republishing frenzy), I notice that my posts don't show up on Bloglines unless I go back in to edit and republish. But since I almost always need to go back in to edit and republish ANYWAY this isn't really a hardship.