Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blogging-About-Blogging AND a Meme (All at the Same Time!)

1. Do you like the look and the contents of your blog?
My blog is a lot like my house: although I admire clean lines and subdued tones, I just can’t stop myself from adding bright, colourful stuff. (My taste in colours basically stopped developing when I turned five – lots of splashy reds and yellows.) I don’t always like the clutter, but there’s not much point in going all Flylady on my blog, because I know I’ll just find more flashy buttons to add later.
(I do love my banner, though.)

2-Does your family know about your blog?
They do, but they don’t read it (due to a lack of computer access and/or reading skills). I haven’t mentioned it to the in-laws.

3-Can you tell your friends about your blog?
Most of my friends know about my blog and read it at least some of the time (hi Ade!). That does sometimes lead to one of those "Stop me if you’ve heard this one" moments when we go out for coffee (whereas with my husband I tend to go for the reproachful, "Well if you’d read my blog today, you’d already know this…") I’ve even recruited a friend to the blogosphere (she’ll post more when her baby sleeps more).

4-Do you just read the blogs of those who comment on your blog?
It depends on my workload. When I’m doing a lot of teaching, the no-new-blogs rule applies, but when things ease up, a-blog-hunting I go. Right now I’ve got about five Bloglines subscriptions to bloggers who’ve never commented here, and a few more from people who commented once six months ago and then never came back.

5-Did your blog positively affect your mind?
Hmmm, how has blogging affected my mind? It’s turned up the volume on the interior monologue that’s been running in my head since my teenage diary days… It’s filled my mind with trendy expressions I would otherwise never use… It’s accustomed me to living with a constant sense of gleeful anticipation… It’s trained me to put words to my children, and to my feelings for them, and thus to see them more, and better.

6-What does the number of visitors to your blog mean?
The more the merrier! I enjoy hosting good discussions in the comments, but I keep a finger on my pulse at all times to make sure I don’t start caring TOO much about the numbers.

7-Do you imagine what other bloggers look like?
Nope. I don’t really have a visual imagination.

8-Do you think blogging has any real benefit?
Define the word "real" please. Blogging demonstrably has a benefit in providing an outlet for creativity and self-expression. Reading blogs can be beneficial too: it has the power to dissipate some of that miasma of guilt and self-hatred that the cult of mothering seems to inculcate. I don’t consider these benefits to be less "real" because they cannot be measured, quantified, or assigned a dollar value.

9-Do you think that the blogosphere is a stand alone community separated from the real world?
Yes. You mean we were supposed to keep on interacting with actual human beings?

10-Do some political blogs scare you? Do you avoid them?
I’m a political blog virgin. Or, at least, there was that one blog I went to second base with during the Canadian Blog Awards…but really, I’m still a virgin.

11-Do you think that criticizing your blog is useful?
No thank you.

12-Have you ever thought about what would happen to your blog in case you died?
No. (But I have had the occasional morbid fantasy of what I would post in the event of the sudden accidental death of one of my children.)

13-Which blogger had the greatest impression on you?
It feels stunningly unoriginal to say this, but in the interests of truthfulness I’ll admit it’s Her Bad Mother. She is the reason I started my blog and she continually inspires me. I love (and shamelessly rip off at times) the way she blends frivolity with erudition, and when she describes her love for her daughter, I find myself constantly envious of phrases I wish I had written myself (like my favourite: "her wee proud belly" – try as I might, I’ve never found better words for my daughter’s innocence, her utter lack of self-consciousness).

14-Which blogger do you think is the most similar to you?
Mouse. Superficially, we are as different as can be, but there’s no one else with whom I have so many, "Yup, I could have written this post" moments. Our minds work the same way, I think – when faced with a problem, we make lists.

15-Name a song you want to listen to?
I’m tempted to say something like U2’s cover of "Everlasting Love" or Dido’s "White Flag" – two of my favourite songs. But I’ve got those songs on CD just a few feet away (I’m still living in the pre-iPod era), and I’m not playing either one of them, so obviously I don’t actually want to listen to them. I could pick something like the Barenaked Ladies’ Hanukkah song, which is off-limits until next year (the Hebrew words always give me goose bumps), but really I like sticking to the rules: no holiday music after New Year’s. The song I love the most, ever since the Pie was born, is the one I’m listening to right now – sweet, sweet silence.

Thanks so much to Cinnamon Gurl for the tag (I was coveting a few of those Christmas memes that went around last month, and I really, really wanted this one!). Who shall I tag? Jana and Momish – you’re it!


cinnamon gurl said...

Ooh, great answers!

Oh, The Joys said...

Nice work. I especially like 8.

Mad Hatter said...

Oooo, I was about to tag you for this (thinking Sin had tagged you on the music meme instead). Oh well. I made sure I didn't read your answers until I hit post on my own.

But here is the question: you honestly have morbid fantasies about what you might post if one of your kids died? When I read that my mind went all blank in a scary way. I find I always get a little freaked out when I read the blogs of parents whose kids are really suffering or worse. I feel so awful, so voyeuristic, so unable to help that I usually stop reading immediately and click away. I can't imagine actually being that parent.

Bye. Must go hug daughter now.

something blue said...

Running, running, running, oh you caught me! Darn, I run like a girl. However I'm happy to make good on your request.

I do love your banner, splashy buttons and your poignant phrases that I often wish that I had written.

bubandpie said...

Mad - I'm pretty good at hitting "shut down" when those ideas come into my brain. But when I'm really tired the shutting down process takes a few minutes. (My mom is way worse. Every time I take a trip on the highway she starts picking out the hymns for my funeral.)

Christina said...

I have to laugh at your reply about friends reading your blog. I also have to often say, "Stop me if you've already heard this," when talking to my friends.

We don't get the chance to chat often, but they all read my blog, so while they know everything going on in my life, I know nothing about what they've been doing.

Lawyer Mama said...

OK, it's so good to know I'm not the only one who has those morbid thoughts pop into her head. Every time I happens I have to mentally scream "DELETE! DELETE!"

ewe are here said...

These are some tough questions -- Great answers!

Beck said...

Ah, the hideous morbid thoughts that I think every thoughtful mother has. I have big plans that involve instantly turning to dust if anything ever happens to my children.
My parents know and read my blog but God forbid my in-laws should ever find out - not that I write about the, still.

TrudyJ said...

Yay for the love on the Hanukah song! I was listening to Barenaked for the Holidays all through Christmas and that was the one song I couldn't get out of my head. It's ironic that my favourite "Christmas song" this year was a Hanukah song (of course, two years ago it was The Pogues "Fairytale of New York", so at least this year's choice was uplifting and not wrist-slitty).

Momish said...

Oh gosh, I am intimidated by your answers, but up for the challenge none-the-less! Thanks for the tag, I will get cracking on that tonight.

P.S. Your mom sounds an awful lot like mine! And, yes, I too took right after her, so I totally understand that morbidness.

Aliki2006 said...

My family reads my blog but they never post...is that worse?

I never thought to have those morbid thoughts, and I'm usually good for some! I have had morbid state-of-my-blog thoughts re: myself, though!

jen said...

i really like this one. and i like your answers, too. revealing and thoughtful and makes us remember why we are here.

Pieces said...

I love me some sweet, sweet silence too.

Now I am thinking about that Simpsons episode where Homer gets accused of coming on to the babysitter when he reaches for the candy stuck on her butt and says (all Homerish)"Sweet, sweet can..."

Becky said...

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for always giving me something to THINK about. It gives my brain something to do at work, other than vegetate (which is not entirely true... I get plenty of time to use my brain at work, it's just most times my tasks are fairly mundane and my brain feels like mush by the end of the day!). And then there's the whole taking care of the kids thing. Mostly it's feeding, changing, cleaning up after, bathing and putting to bed stuff. Not much useful thinking going on there, other than choosing which onsie or which jammies I'm going to put on my youngest. Although, my 5 year old can be pretty inciteful at times and make me have to use my brain cells now and again.

Actually, I guess my brain gets plenty of use... it's just that I never feel like I have anything much useful to say. Like now!

Thanks, anyway! :oD

DaniGirl said...

Ooo, neat meme!

I've done the idle morbid blogging, too. More often, though, I see things as a newspaper clipping: "Mother of two killed in holiday crash on the 401" or something like that. It's a pandora's box I try not to open too often!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Interesting meme and very interesting answers. A meme about blogging. Us bloggers are a narcissistic bunch, aren't we?

PunditMom said...

If you're looking for a political blog, stop by my place sometime. I'm not scary, I promise! :)

Her Bad Mother said...

Oooh. Is it stunningly unoriginal to say that I'm beyond flattered? Honoured? That you derive inspiration from my humble blog? Blithering here.

Made my day.

Denguy said...

How true is this:

I haven’t mentioned it to the in-laws.

KC said...

You know, not only do my parents read my blog 9 maybe 10 times a day, my mother in law also is a regular visitor. You have no idea how much this weirds me out.

"miasma of guilt": so true and well-captured.