Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thinking Bloggers

Back in my days as a newbie blogger, the term "link-love" caught my eye. It flattened me with its slangy jauntiness, made me briefly convinced that I could never fit into the bloggy crowd, never wield the lingo with that kind of insouciance. (See? At heart, I’m really the kind of girl who uses words like "insouciance." And wants to put that period after the closing quotation marks, but bows to the pressure of North American usage. Even as she defies such usage by putting a comma before "but" in a compound predicate. That kind of girl.)

Nine months later, I find myself poised at my keyboard, all set to write a sentence like, "I’m never one to shy away from the opportunity to spread a little link-love around." (In this case, at least, the period before the quotation marks feels right.) The occasion for all this linky goodness and associated navel-gazing is the latest round of blogging awards, the Thinking Blogger Awards.

There have been a few good posts lately (like this one) about the way the blogosphere spilleth over with Vote-For-The-Best-Sidebar-Titles or Nominate-Your-Favourite-Template awards. Certainly no one’s accusing us of low self-esteem around here; we are constantly admiring one another’s Justice, Perfection, and ability to make each other ROFL.

We’re embarrassingly transparent in our need for validation, we bloggers, and there are plenty of people willing to call us on it. But really, on a day when my ears are ringing from a three-year-old’s screaming, and my arms are weary from a toddler who can’t figure out whether she wants up or down, there are worse things than learning that someone appreciates these words I throw out into the ether – claims, even, that my words make her think.

So thank you, So Fast Away, for the nomination. The great thing about this award is that it is also a meme: I tag five people who have made me think, and then they tag five people, and pretty soon it’s like we’re all in that Breck commercial with gorgeous ’70’s hair curling around our shoulders.

The only problem, really, is that the people who make me think usually inspire me to write posts in which I link back to them – so I feel rather redundant here as I offer up a kind of Works Cited list for my blog. In truth, all the blogs I read make me think – they make me think about how better to love my children, and how better to live as a mom in this world. So please consider this a list of just a few people (and posts) who have been making me think lately:

1) A Garden of Nna Mmoy: Andrea’s recent posts on privacy have been the very definition of thought-provoking, but the one that has stayed with me longest is this post on fear.
2) Mom – Not Otherwise Specified: This is the mom I want to be when I grow up.
3) NotSoSage: This, the latest installment in Jill’s series on etymology, made me tell the women in my parenting class this morning, "I want to be a gossip!"
4) Toddled Dredge: Veronica writes about faith with such sensitivity and reasonableness that she always makes me glad to be a Christian. The first of her series of Lenten reflections starts here.
5) Under the Mad Hat: Mad Hatter always makes me think; today, she’s making me think it’s no coincidence so many mothers are sleep-deprived.

Consider yourselves tagged, my friends. Who has been making you think lately?


Joker The Lurcher said...

lots of people have made me think. i won't tag any of them as it would leave some people out.

i have another blog i write which is less jokey than jokers blog. i deliberately keep the two apart. i reckon quite a few people do this...

Beck said...

Interesting! The bloggers on your list - Mad, Sage and Veronica - that I'm familiar with are good choices indeed. The other two are bloggers I haven't read before, so I'm looking forward to reading them!

Blog Antagonist said...

I know several of those bloggers and couldn't agree with you more. And I think you are very deserving as well. You are never humdrum, even when writing about all the humdrum stuff we Moms do every day.

Congrats on the nomination!

mom-nos said...

I am honored beyond measure. I'll need to give this some thought, but I'll post my choices soon.

Incidentally, I also struggle with the period-inside-or-outside-the- quotation-mark issue, and you'll note that I use both recklessly, inconsistently and with wild abandon throughout my blog. (It's one of the things that makes me feel like a fraud when I teach writing.)

Mad Hatter said...

Why golly gee and shucks, that's some fine company. I just posted my five. Hope you and the rest of the bloggy world enjoys them as much as I do.

BTW you "flatten me with [your] slangy jauntiness."

wordgirl said... always give me a lot to think about, but my blogroll so long that it would take awhile to figure out which ones make me laugh and which ones make me think.
V-Grrrl in the Middle is one for sure.

flutter said...

Jen at One Plus Two always makes me think, and I have to say I agree with Sage.
Mostly I try not to think, if we're being honest

Domestic Slackstress said...

Thanks for the link-love. Is that how you said it? Crazymumma always makes me think -- quite deeply. She is very thought provoking. Congrats on your nod ... and for sending some sweet traffic my way. Yes, I'm transparent in my need for blog readership ... It's silly I know ... but I think it boils down to needing to be heard, especially by other mothers in the trenches of circus of modern parenthood. You make me think.

Lady M said...

Thanks for those links, especially Andrea's.

And congrats on your nomination!

NotSoSage said...

Wow. I didn't think there could be higher praise, but there is! Thank you!

And I want to be a gossip, too!

I'll have, and I'll post sometime today.

ewe are here said...

I'm too tired to think!


Not really.

Congrats on the nomination; well deserved! I also read Mad Hatter and Veronica for the reasons you cite; I'll have to check out your other nods. Assume they're equally fabulous.

Andrea said...

Thank you. That's really lovely of you.

I'm going to have to spend some time thinking about five folks myself.

Veronica Mitchell said...

Thank you. I will try to work up a similar post for Monday.

NotSoSage said...


And thanks again.

Redneck Mommy said...

Well deserved, chicky!

I love reading you, you make me step out behind my mask of sarcasm and lame humor to take a second to think.

My teachers and my parents never managed to do that.

Somehow, you do!

Mary-LUE said...

I love this award meme. Of course you are one of the bloggers who always gives me something to think about. I love your writing and how you tie in your everyday life to the ideas you are exploring/expressing; or maybe it is the other way around, you are tying your ideas to your everyday life. Either way, I am always impressed by the combination of your intellect and your grounding in reality.

I'm only vaguely familiar with your noms except for Veronica over at Toddled Dredge. She very rarely fails to impress me. I agree with you 100 percent on her ability to write about faith. She reminds me of Madeleine L'Engle and I think she should write a book.

Of course, I will have to make my way 'round to your other noms. Most of my current blog faves are people I've followed you to. I think there is room on my Google reader for a few more!

Mary-LUE said...

P.S. I just spent about 10 minutes following your nom back to the original five awards. Have you done that yet? It is really fascinating to trace back the path. There are some really intersting blogs on that trail.