Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Music to My Ears

  • The Pie has two loves right now: food and words. Best of all is the opportunity to combine them by eating polysyllabic foods like perogies, broccoli, or souvlaki. After a meal like that I’ll listen to her on the monitor, talking herself to sleep by repeating, "PerOHgies! PerOHgies! One two three four five …six perOHgies!"

  • Last night, during the hour and a half between nap and dinner, Bub and Pie amused themselves with the following astonishing and entirely out of character display of independent play: (1) poking holes through paper with a pen; (2) carrying around a large cardboard wrapping-paper tube and declaring, "It’s a violin!"; (3) pushing Boohbah around in a toy stroller; (4) opening and shutting the basement door with greetings such as, "Come on in!" and "See you soon!"

    We can be independent together!

  • In imitation of her brother, Pie has taken to carrying around a plastic Baby Einstein bath book. This prompts Bub to offer an occasional commentary: "Rub a dub! Funny hairs!!!" (this being his refrain whenever hubby sculpts his shampooed head into various menacing-looking horns and fauxhawks).

  • Pie has discovered the wonderful world of nursery rhymes. We were looking at a book yesterday with a picture of Humpty Dumpty, so I recited the rhyme for her (apparently for the first time – my kids are lucky like that). Her astonishment was palpable. She has heard nursery rhymes before (mostly "This Little Piggy" and "Patty Cake"), but nothing as addictively rhythmic as "Humpty Dumpty." She stared at my lips, as if trying to sort out how I was doing it, then tapped my chest with her and demanded, "Mama dancing!" every time she wanted a repeat. (I wasn't dancing.)

  • When Pie is searching for a missing toy, she gets all excited, exclaiming, "It's hide and seek! It's hide and seek!"

  • My day-care provider is sick this week, which means, on the one hand, increased opportunities for me to record cute anecdotes about my children, but allows, on the other hand, decreased opportunities for me to mark essays, prepare lectures, or read blogs.

  • Note to self: If your day-care provider is sick, necessitating the arrangement of in-home babysitting, remember to put away the recently purchased package of Durex Pleasuremax Ribbed Condoms with Warming Lubricant before your in-laws arrive.

  • At the behest of Alpha DogMa, here are the seven tunes I’ve been listening to lately: (This was hard. Rare are the opportunities for me to listen to music these days. Normally, any attempt to put in a CD results in a chorus of screamed requests for "Hi-5 songs!" This acts as an effective deterrent to my pursuit of listening pleasure.)

    1. U2, "Windows in the Sky" – My drive to work lasts only seven or eight minutes – just long enough for me to pop in this single, one of my few recent music purchases.

    2. U2, "Kite" (live in Sydney) – I’m loving the part where Bono introduces Edge’s guitar solo saying, "Cate … Blanchett – this is for you."

    3. Hi-5, "You Are! Some Kind of Wonderful! (You’re Wonderful!)" – Mischievously catchy song from the new season. I am apt to sing it at various points throughout the day, prompting Bub to ask, "Mama, are you talking about Hi-5 bideo?"

    4. "How Deep the Father’s Love For Us" – The closing hymn at church on Sunday. It’s a modern song, but without the repetitiveness or first-person navel-gazing typical of most contemporary worship choruses. During my stint as an Anglican, I often waxed nostalgic about the good old-fashioned Baptist blood hymns, and the pianist (a former Pentecostal) would oblige me with a rousing rendition of "When We All Get to Heaven" – just for the fun of watching ultra-high-Church Evan get his crucifix swinging back and forth to the beat. "How Deep the Father’s Love For Us" lacks the references to blood, vict’ry and pow’r needed in order to qualify as a genuine Baptist blood hymn, but the final words always give me chills: "Why should I gain from His reward? / I cannot give an answer / But this I know with all my heart / His wounds have paid my ransom."

    5. Frankie Goes to Hollywood, "Relax" – The first song on the mixed CD currently in my CD player – the one the kids can start and stop at will, barking out commands such as, "Mama dancing! Stop! Go! Stop! Go!" Good times.

    6. Matchbox Twenty, "Back to Good" – Frequently played on the desperately un-hip retro station I listen to ("Best of the ’80s, ’90s, and whatever!"). The melancholy always gets me (the more cynically manufactured clich├ęs the better, that’s what I always say).

    7. Veggie Tales, "Funky Town" – From Bob and Larry Sing the 70s, playing right now as my in-laws try to keep the kids occupied so I can blog work. Someone please make it stop.


Karen said...

very fun post b&p! As far as I know folks have been trying to put a stop to the 70s for a while now, no luck yet. Our daycare was closed last week, my condolences; it's very disorienting to find out you have literally no time.

Lawyer Mama said...

What sweet children you have! And your fate will be mine tomorrow. Big H is sick.

With Humpty Dumpty, I'm sure you weren't dancing, but your words were! I notice that whenever we read books that are sing-songy like nursery rhymes, the kids bounce up and down to the rythm.

Aliki2006 said...

I like some of your picks, but I have to frown at Veggie Tales--excruciating! I hope you get some relief from it soon.

Mimi said...

Sounds like chaos at your house. Didn't your inlaws catch you guys in the mussed-hair-happy-smile phase once? You're going to traumatize them with these wanton displays of your sexuality! And the barrier against further grandkids!


Kyla said...

Oh God. One time my mom spent the night and was putting sheets on the couch and pulled out TWO opened condom wrappers. She STILL talks about it.

Mad Hatter said...

Miss M loves her nursery rhymes. Loves 'em. I am still conviced that she and the Pie are destined to be college roomates. The signs are all there: food, big words, cadence and meter in speech... OH WAIT. Miss M hasn't figured out the independent play part yet. We'll work on that before we move on to the SATs

Beck said...

BOB! AND LARRY! We're getting the Veggie Tales Sunday Songs CD because nothing is more devout than singing vegetables.
As a lifelong United Churchgoer, I'm only used to their gentle hymns - Eagle's Wings, anyone?

slouching mom said...

Write those gems down if you can. Ben and Jack love to hear about the silly things they used to say. Ben used to call projects "frogjets"; we loved that one so much we didn't ever correct him.

NotSoSage said...

Oh, I love having another glimpse at Bub and Pie (not to put down all the wonderful glimpses of BubnPie)!

The condoms...I gave up on having any illusions of decency around my in-laws when we first gave them a tour of the house and they caught a glimpse of a couple of nudie prego photos of me they had. My FIL actually examined one up quite close (there's a lot of shadow) before realising what it was and backing away, red with embarrassment.

Jenifer G. said...

Yes, learn to put things away. We often forget Papoosie Girl can read...leads to all kinds of interesting discussions. Does lying, scratch that - altering the truth slightly, to children count as "real" lying?

I sure hope not.

Nursery rhymes are still popular around here, they laugh themselves sick when they add poop anywhere in the verses. Some they read/recite quite nicely and others they love to mess with.

The week is almost done, hang in there.

jen said...

Do you remember a FGTH ballad from back in the 80s? It was obscure, perfect, and I lost track of it, it's name, and everything else but the whiff of memory years ago..but i think of it still.

Lady M said...

I read your more serious posts, and I love how they are crafted and make me think. I often can't comment though, because in order to say something thoughtful, it would take about as much time as it would to do my own post for the day. So instead, I end up commenting on your lighter posts goofily, like this:

I didn't know that the Veggies had a 70's disc. This, I've got to hear!

Kelly said...

Love the cute Bub and Pie anecdotes, and your picture of a still from Rudolph is daughter just told me, as we were walking up the stairs to go to bed, "remember the Rudolph movie from Christmas? I miss that one."

And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only condom user in town. But I'll never understand why condom makers think adding a little bit of texture to a latex sheath is gonna make vaginas everywhere shout out in latex joy. Is it just me, or does ribbed really work for others?

T with Honey said...

Try doing Humpty Dumpty in the bathtub. Princess LOVES that!! We grab a rubber duck or plastic easter egg and pretend it is HD while you say the rhyme. Let Pie knock the toy off the edge of the tub so he can 'have a great fall.' It not only provides a visual context for the nursery rhyme but is a ton of fun.

Sober Briquette said...

Our last trip to the library found us at home with the Silly Songs Veggie Video.

I will look for the 70's disc. I admit it: I like kids' music in any form.

rivergirlie said...

warming lubricant? WARMING LUBRICANT?
sorry, the rest of the post was great and all, but i just get that out of my head now
(wanders off muttering to self)

Becky said...

A Veggie Tales version of Funkytown? I think that might be fun for our whole family! :) I'll have to look that one up!

Favourite silly song of all time: the Song of the Cebu. (I'm gonna have that in my head for a while now.)

And How Deep the Father’s Love For Us... *love* that song.

I don't think ribbed does anything for me... *thinner* is better. But for the record, they are our prevention method of choice, too.

something blue said...

They do make those children's songs excessively catchy so that they override all other thoughts and get stuck in your head.

CBC sneaks in those horrific DoodleBops songs between shows.

When I was little, I used to love a song on Sesame Street about Perogies. I wish they would still air that segment.

Oh, The Joys said...

"being independent together" - I can so relate - and am so happy about it.

bubandpie said...

Hubby is the one responsible for condom-purchasing. I think he buys on a value-per-adjective basis. (For the record, I did endorse the re-purchase of the DPRCwWL, since the first pack met my sole criteria: (1) no weird rubbery smell; (2) stays on.)

Becky - Song of the Cebu! That's our favourite too (far better, I'm afraid, than anything on the '70s cover CD).

kgirl said...

I really think you oughtta dance for your children.

bubandpie said...

Kgirl - Believe me, there's a reason the phrase "Mama dancing" rolls so trippingly off her tongue. Fortunately, my children think that dancing means randomly shooting an arm in the air, then randomly kicking out a foot, while jumping up and down.

theflyingmum said...

Oh! I love that she feels the rhythm of Humpty Dumpty and associates it with dancing! VERY cool.

Alpha DogMa said...

I buy condoms sololy based on packaging. Okay, brand name first. Because I can not leave the issue of reproduction to off-brand condom manufacteurs. Then I go by packaging, so I often emasculate the Omega Man by purchasing Trojan condoms with hot pink or purple wrappers.

Thanks for doing the meme. I'm glad that I'm not the only person to list children's music.

I'm just getting onto Matchbox 20, since I use to live in an apartment next to a woman who listened to them at top volume at 2 AM. That kind of tainted by opinion for a while.

bren j. said...

I think finding out that I'm pregnant finally forced my Dad to admit his little girl was grown up and having S-E-X.
It was hilarious. When I was Home, he kept referring to it as my 'current condition.' He couldn't even SAY 'pregnant.' Brilliant!

nomotherearth said...

I simply must find me that Veggie Tales 70s CD. Currently the boy is hooked on "Yankee Doodle" because it has his favourite food word - macaroni - in it. Try getting Yankee Doodle out of your head once you start...

Anonymous said...

try singing yankee doodle dandy to the tune of How Deep the Father's Love for Us.