Friday, May 25, 2007

Another Non-Post

Does anybody want to write this post for me? I’m sure that, in the right hands, it will be both witty and charming.

Opening Anecdote: In Through the Looking-Glass, Alice joins a giant chess-game, starting as a pawn and progressing until she becomes a queen. The Red Queen invites her to play saying, "You can be the White Queen’s Pawn, if you like, as Lily’s too young to play."

Basic Concept: Colour names. If Lily is the White Queen’s pawn, what are Red Queen’s pawns called? Rose, Ruby, Coral, Scarlett, [insert two more red-themed girls’ names here], and their brothers Rusty and Garnet? Who are their friends when they go out to play? Saffron, Sage (and her brother Hunter), Bianca and Pearl (two more of the white pawns), Violet, and Skye?

Possible Avenues of Development

  • Random Seinfeld-esque Ruminations: Why are there so many red names, yet not a single name based on orange? How can we best promote the use of the name Saffron, which is really lovely and not nearly as popular as it deserves to be? What are the colour-words that ought to be names but aren’t? Aquamarine?

  • New Trends in Family-Themed Names: It’s so 1978, that trend of giving all your children names starting with the same letter (Duggar family take note). Imagine how much simpler it would be if, instead of naming your daughters Jenna, Julia, Josephine, and Jemima, parents could name them after paint chips? Sienna, Umber, Sandy, and Cinnamon, let’s say.

  • New Trends in Blogging Names: Antique (White) Mommy and Cinnamon Gurl, you guys are the vanguard. Maybe this is the solution to my blog-handle dilemma. Instead of B&P, the Queen, or Glenda (thanks Gwen for such great suggestions!) I could name myself after my blog template! What do you think – should I call myself Saffron, Bronwyn, or Pumpkin Spice?

Okay, maybe it wasn’t such a great post idea after all. Never mind.


Mimi said...

Funny. Named after paint chips. I like it.

One of my best friends just gave her baby a lovely name ... that is the name of the heartless slut in a Very Good Selling novel I just read. A very unusual French name.

I wonder if I should tell her.

Colour names. Did you get Carmine?

nomotherearth said...

I would have a lot to say about the names of colours. I'm quite fanatical about naming colours properly. It's one of my more charming (read: freakish) qualities.

Orange Girl's name: Clementine and Amber (most people will say this is yellow, but I think it's quite an orangey yellow actually)

Ok, I'll stop now.

Pieces said...

I think it is a great concept. And I like the way you wrote it. I often think in bullet points and outlines--maybe that is how I should write my posts too.

Did you see Firefly? One of the best shows ever. It had a lovely kick-ass character named Saffron with red hair. A perfect name for her.

Kyla said...

I like non-posts. Quite entertaining. :)

Kit said...

I really like Indigo as a name. It ought to be a boys name, but we ended up using it for our dog....if only we were hippier we could have gone for a purpley/blue set of children..we do have one of the blue names you mentioned already! (no not acqumarine!)

Gwen said...

What was the name of the daughter on Absolutely Fabulous? Was her name Saffron or is the actress who plays her named Saffron?

I didn't really help at all, did I, Queen Glenda?

Karen said...

In Firefly, Saffron was sexy, bad-ass funny and also bad, so I vote you go with Pumpkin Spice, because Pumpkin also goes with Pie and that's not a bad thing.

Terri B. said...

B&P, Write a post? I'm too busy reading "Green Money" by D.E. Stevenson. Yes, I hit the motherlode at my public library. I thought I'd looked for this author in their catalog eons ago. Maybe I typed in the author name incorrectly at the time -- I don't know. Thanks for the suggestions. When I return Green Money I'll take your list with me. Joy!

I had two words come to me immediately re Stevenson's writing: grace and wit.

bubandpie said...

Nomo - I thought of Clementine after I hit publish...and I'm sure I had another orange name, but now it escapes me.

Perhaps the best plan, really, is to have six children and name them after all six colours of the rainbow: Ruby, Amber, Saffron, Sage (or Kelly!), Indigo (he can be the boy), and Lavender.

Terri - Green Money is one of my less-favourite DES's, so you're in for such a treat when you get to the really good ones.

Jenifer said...

Maybe Peaches for the orange name? I realize it could be a fruit name too, but it also falls into the colour category right? Is it Bob Geldof who named his daughter Peaches?

I am loving some of these colour names. Papoosie Girl has been reading a series of books called the Rainbow Fairies, which include:
Inky the Indigo Fairy
Ruby the Red Fairy
Fern the Green Fairy
Sky the Blue Fairy
Saffron the Yellow Fairy
Heather the Violet Fairy

These are other options...

Robbin said...

Okay - I didn't name my child after a paint chip, but I did name him after a paintER. His given name is actually Hieronymus, after the Dutch painter.

Does this mean I am trendy?

(I suspect it just means weird.)

Lisse said...

Cyan. Sort of a light teal. Teal isn't a bad name either as long as we are coloring.

If Bob Geldof has a daughter named Peaches, that would not surprise me. He also has a daughter named Fifi Trixabelle. Like a poodle.

Terri B. said...

Saffron was the daughter's character name (as opposed to the acresses real name which I can't remember). LOVED that show!

Sandra said...

I heart Bub & Pie. Love your non-post.

I'd have taken the Seinfeldesque ruminitions route :)

Veronica Mitchell said...

Some color-ish names: Cayenne, Jasper, Esmerelda, Opal.

I suspect the reason that names are more from red than orange is for the simple fact that the "orange" as a designation for a separate color is not as old. Before the sixteenth century, the color was called "red yellow" (or maybe it was "yellow red." I don't remember. I read it once and can't recall where).

Bon said...

definitely Bronwyn, for thou. a name after my name nerd heart. i peed myself a little, just reading this.

Poppy could be one of the red sisters. but other than Mimi's suggestion of Carmine, i'm all out after that.

Ginger would fit in with the orangey friends well...

i joke that after Oscar, i'm going to continue with the awards' show theme for kids' names. i love Juno for a girl, and then i guess it'd be Emmy or Genie or Tony...or People's Choice?

Mad Hatter said...

How about Rusty? And don't forget that Sage is also on the cutting edge when it comes to bloggy names. In fact Sin and Sage have cornered the herb and spice section of the 'sphere as well.

I think you should go with Saffron what with that delicious explosion of yellow being your favourite colour. That colour is a lot like the colour saffron diffuses as in water--you know, just before you stir it into your stew or rice.

Alternatively, you could just call yourself the Red Queen and you and I could start and Alice-inspired naming trend. We could then petition Den Guy to change his name to Jabberwok.

Beck said...

If The Girl had been The Boy, she'd have been Jasper. I'm fond of colour names, myself. My husband tended to frown deeply at Saffron, so I shall never have a little baby Saffy.

NotSoSage said...

Sierra, isn't that a colour name? Sierra Orange? Or is that just a sign that I had one of those ridiculous set of crayons with something like 150 colours...

I know of a Cedar, a Plum and many, many Auroras...there's got to be a paint chip somewhere with the name Aurora.

Lawyer Mama said...

Too funny! My hubby once suggested we name the kids after characters in Reservoir Dogs. You know, Mr. Pink, Mr. White, etc... I'm not sure if he meant that all the first names should be Mister & the middle names colors or what. I'll have to ask. Because nothing says "welcome to the world" like the name of a psychotic fictional killer.

Color names: umber? opal? ginger, poppy,

Ooh! Cerise! I like that one.

Why is that your non-posts are more entertaining than most people's regular posts?

The Mad Momma said...

oh no you cant end that way.. it was a lovely non-post as non-posts go. I think I'll vote for Saffron. It's a sexy name. And I think it would be perfect for you

bubandpie said...

Okay, so we've got a full set of pawns for the Red Queen: Ruby, Rose, Coral, Scarlett, Poppy, Cerise, Rusty, and Garnet. And if anyone wants to insist that Rusty is really orange rather than red, we could sub in Carmine.

For the White Queen, we've got Lily, Bianca, Pearl, and Opal, and Mr. we need three more (or four, if Mr. White is cheating - it's a name that really works best when paired with Mr. Orange, I think).

Mad - I so love the idea of being the Red Queen. I even downloaded a profile pic of the Red Queen running with Alice and saying, "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place." ("here" meaning motherhood - get it?)

BUT (sigh) - I find myself unable to give up my identity as B&P: that's who I AM, whereas the Red Queen is just something I made up. Plus, if people started calling me "Red" I would feel like they were talking about my Dad (who had that nickname before his hair went grey).

Luisa Perkins said...

Pieces and Karen are right. IMHO, Firefly was the best written TV show ever. It was as complex as a really good SF novel.

"I'm just mad about Saffron/Saffron's mad about me." Maybe people shy away from that excellent name because Donovan's "Mellow Yellow" is too hippy-dippy for them.

A cousin of mine named her baby Tangerine. They call her 'Tangi' for short....

jen said...

there is something very pumpkin about you already, something fallish and cozy.

but saffron. just hearing it makes me want to get on a plane and head eastern.

Aimee said...

Pumpkin Spice - I love it! Despite the chance that you might be mistaken as a former member of The Spice Girls, I think you should run with it.

Oh, and what about Persimmon? My parent shave a persimmon tree and the fruit is a lovely orangey color.

ewe are here said...


hee hee

Jenifer said...

Sage, I think the crayon you meant is Sienna...just looking at them now.

Denguy said...

Ooo, I like Pumpkin Spice.

Hey, I have a friend named Saffron, (and I'm mad about her).

Genevieve said...

There is a quartet of YA books by Hilary McKay about a family, with two artist parents, where the children are named Cadmium Gold (Caddy), Saffron (Saffy), Indigo, and Permanent Rose.

I definitely recommend them. The first book is Saffy's Angel. I liked the next three books more than the first.

Genevieve said...

Excerpt from Saffy's Angel is here, talking about the color chart where the children's names were: