Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day at the Beach in Early Summer

Bub is poised, right now, between two different kinds of impenetrability. During the long, long wait for language, I often wondered about the landscape of his mind. What did he think about? What were his thoughts, experiences, feelings? A few years from now, a second kind of impenetrability will begin to develop – a sense of privacy, interiority, introspection. Right now, though, he is translucent, filtering his experiences and observations through the ever less clumsy medium of language.

"We are all laughing together," he observed last night at the supper table. We were at the cottage with grandma and grandpa, looking out over a damp empty beach after hours of climbing sodden sand dunes. The Pie was stuffing her face full of banana cake, the icing forming a fluffy milk-mustache around her mouth. "The Pie is covered with … sludge!" Bub exclaimed, and our answering laughter had prompted his observation.

"Why are we laughing?" I asked and then answered my own question: "Because you’re so funny!" (We’re working on the concept of ‘why’.)

Bub has always enjoyed positive feedback, but he’s never been one to repeat an action for the sake of duplicating the response, so I was surprised when he attempted to repeat his comedic feat. "The Pie is covered with … cold winter!"

Earlier that day, a dialogue:

Pie: A flag!
Me: Yes, it’s the Canadian flag.
Pie: (vigorous head-shaking) No. Hockey flag!


Omaha Mama said...

My little Brenna will say just about anything if she thinks it will get a laugh. Complete nonsense usually, which I can only laugh at. Which brings more nonsense. Hi-larious.

I too would like to bottle this time when our little girl is so open and talkative and free. It's so fun when they share their thoughts out loud, random as they usually are.

Sandra said...

Yay Bub! And he has his mama's creativity too ... sludge, cold winter. I love this language stage .... they'll crack you up every single day!

Karen said...

I was just thinking as we drove home from church that Little Puppy is reaching the "narrator" phase of speech development. He now has words for so many things that he shares them all the time, even his thoughts are almost always aloud - which is a huge change from 3 months ago in which he very clearly had not just thoughts, but plots and plans, that he was not verbalizing -like sticking a loaf of bread in the toaster instead of saying he wanted toast, or was hungry...just recently the Thinker has stopped narrating everything and I've started to try and guess by body language and facial expression what's up with him. It's like talking to Matt, only I look down instead of up, I'm doing way more of the talking...also, day at beach - sounds so lovely and fun.

flutter said...

I just love this so much. To see that person in your kid, to watch those gears go.

slouching mom said...

Karen spoke of the narrator phase. I see that with Jack. Everything must be said, and I get the sense that it feels important to him to document his thinking.

Somehow for him verbalizing a thought (in front of an audience) crystallizes it.

I love that Bub is trying to get laughs. He's come so far.

Bon said...

i am awaiting this beginning of language with such hope and expectation...such curiosity. O has been slow to get started, and i wonder whether he will follow Bub's path, i feed on your words as on a feast, Bub's enjoyment of being funny, his rich choice of words.

and Hockey Flag...Pie's a hoot.

Christine said...

We have a little comedian, too. He likes to repeat anything that has made us laugh whether it is a weird phrase or a simple word said in his sweet, year old kind of way. Bub sounds like a little sweetie!

Lawyer Mama said...

Well, it is the hockey flag!

This narration stage is so funny. It's like listening to the inner monologue of someone with ADD at this age. Hillarious and adorable and bewildering.

Aliki2006 said...

I love that idea of being covered in cold winter...and I love kids and language--all the twists and peculiarities of their phrases and words. I'll miss it when they begin to speak like regular people.

Mouse said...

Scooter was entranced by our friends' white dog this afternoon and told me she was "all snow and fluffy." I like how he comes at language differently. And I firmly believe that a strong sense of humor is a good indicator of intellect!

Mad Hatter said...

Hey Pie, "Go Sens!!!"

I'm glad to hear that Bub has mastered absurdism. It's an important language milestone. Just ask Ionesco.

kgirl said...

Who doesn't like positive feedback?

Good cooperations and a hockey flag? Your kids are awesome.

Julie Pippert said...

Oh he's hit that point!

I love it when they'll start humor and word games. We can entertain each other for ages in the car.

Pie is covered with...

Cute. :)

And hockey flag. LMAO LOL LOL LOL

Beck said...

The process of becoming a thinking person is INTERESTING, isn't it? The Boy is deeply in love with knock-knock jokes, although he does not quite GET them yet - he thinks that any old combination of words after "Who's there"? will result in hilarity. Of course, watching him bust a gut over his latest absurd answer is funny in itself.

nomotherearth said...

I often wonder what is going on in the Boy's mind. He generally is pretty transparent, and narrates his life much like the running commentary I had to do in driver training with YD. But I know there must be much more complex thoughts in there..

Jenifer said...

For the love of language. Rosebud is also just getting into the Knock Knock jokes and after telling a legit joke usually goes on and on making up nonsense versions. These make her laugh every time.

Papoosie Girl is so advanced by comparison and I find it unnerving when she, for example, uses sarcasm - oh I am so not ready!

Rosebud's innocence just keeps me coming back for more...even if it is Knock Knock jokes.

c4cara said...

I like the cold winter expansion too. Poetry already.
Becks and Jenifer, thanks for the heads up on the knock-knock jokes. My eldest has been doing the 'random stuff' version of these for a while too.
'Knock knock'
'Whos there?'
'Mummy who...'
'Mummy in the WASHING MACHINE!!
followed by some moments of knee slapping hilarity. She's most perturbed that I don't find them as funny as she.

Kyla said...

Ahhh, Bub! He's at that age now, the age of joking. My BubTar is still in the throes of it. He is always trying to craft jokes to get other's to laugh. Unfortunately, the mechanics of a joke elude him and it comes out something like this:

Why did the worm cross the road?
Because he got stuck to some gum.

But he's learning!

Pieces said...

I love these little snippets of life with Bub and Pie. Cold winter--very descriptive. My kiddos used to call mashed potatoes clouds.

Alpha DogMa said...

And again - so now you've nice pleasant multiples of 10. Aahhh, yes. I AM good people.
(Also I'm gonna go up yonder way and print off the recipe for your Special K treats.)