Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hurts So Good

  • biting down on a single peppercorn, feeling it burn on the tongue
  • Coke, cold from the can
  • the sun beating down on 32-SPF-slathered shoulders at the beach
  • beef vindaloo with lots of yogourt and naan bread
  • ice-cream headache

  • deep-muscle-therapy massage
  • a really hot bath
  • a vigorous shampoo from a hairdresser who has ever-so-slightly too-long fingernails
  • a pedicure (especially the part with the cheese-grater instrument they use to slough off all the dead skin from your heels)
  • abs, the day after a really good set of crunches
  • hot sand and tiny, cracked seashells

  • nursing a hungry six-week old baby after an unusually long stretch of sleep
  • squeezing a really big zit
  • snot freezing in your nostrils on a still, bright winter day
  • scratching a mosquito bite
  • pulling off your shoes at the end of a long day
  • crying until your eyelashes are white with salt
  • dill pickle chips
  • rollercoasters

  • early labour, when you bend over at the waist with each contraction, but straighten up again after 60 seconds to unload the dishwasher, call the in-laws, and exult over the fact that you didn’t need an induction
  • sore boobs during the first trimester, when they’re painful enough to provide reassuring sensations of achiness every time you poke them just to make sure you’re still pregnant
  • splashing in icy water at the bottom of a flume zoom ride
  • two-day stubble on the man you love
  • dark-roasted coffee

  • the last few dips of a Lik’m’Aid Fun Dip, the roof of your mouth rubbed raw with cherry- and lime-flavoured sugar
  • cream-cheese-filled jalapeno poppers

Did I miss any?


Bon said...

i think you have just pointed out to me that i pay not nearly enough attention to the physical sensations of life.

my only additions? erm...very enthusiastic sex and its aftermath...blush, i AM a Puritan...and 99% cocoa dark chocolate. and, uh, the sting of my mustache bleaching and turning a near-invisible blond. :)

metro mama said...

Yes, but it's not fit for print here.

bubandpie said...

Ah, that lovely sting of pain in a good cause - I know it well. (And I recall your admission about bleaching on your blog, Bon - I've been chuckling ever since at your addendum: "Let us never speak of this again.")

andrea from the fishbowl said...

Great list. I love sore legs after a really tough hike. Waking up with a sore back after sleeping in the tent.

slouching mom said...

i love so many of these. the shampoo with the slightly too long fingernails? mmm...

the smell of the air by the ocean.
the smell of freshly cut grass.
the first sip of coffee.
the smell of brand-new clothes.

gee, i'm all about the smells, aren't i?

slouching mom said...

oh, and another smell!

the smell of the pages of a new book.

slouching mom said...

just realized i didn't follow the directions. but i'm a hedonist. nothing that hurts is good. ;)

Julie Pippert said...

First sip of hot coffee on a slow-to-wake morning

Freeze headache after sucking too fast on a fruit smoothie

Spicy&Tangy chicken from my favorite Chinese restaurant when sinuses are crying from from ragweed

CG said...

my favorites:
sore boobs in early pregnancy and dark roast coffee

Lawyer Mama said...

"beef vindaloo with lots of yogourt and naan bread"

Well I know what I want for lunch now!

How about:

Dumping a pile of hot laundry fresh from the dryer all around and over you.

A cat sitting on your lap purring and extending and retracting its claws in rhythm with the strokes on its back.

Walking barefoot in the grass for the first time in the Spring.

niobe said...

Lemon juice. Straight.

Raw cranberries.


Standing at the edge of a cliff or on the roof of a tall building and looking All. The. Way. Down.

Diving from the high diving board.

Getting the newspaper from the driveway. In your bare feet. In 6 inches of snow.

I could go on and on, but obviously I'm all about sensation.

Randi said...

How about Captain Crunch cereal that grinds up your mouth but that you just can't stop eating?

Kelly said...

I admit, my dirty mind was going a bit too fast on this one, so I'll just nod my head at bon and metro mama.

A great list, the sore pregnant boobs resonated especially. I couldn't stop touching them.

Veronica Mitchell said...

- buttoning those still-a-little-too-tight jeans, fresh from the dryer, after months of wearing maternity pants

- slipping into a beautiful pair of high heels

Mike M said...

Nice post. Nice blog! I will be back for more!!

Mad Hatter said...

OK, I'm trying to capture the pain principal you've got going here:

--putting pig tails in a squirming toddler's hair
--garlic stuffed olives
--single malt scotch: neat
--sprinting the final minute after a half-hour run
--the tingling thwack on the fingers as you catch the runner out at second
--the aching numbness in the wrists when you hit your first line drive
--the near-convulsive tiredness when you put Pride and Prejudice in the DVD player at 10 at night and finally drag your butt to bed at 4 am (ok, I haven't done that since Miss M was born)
--the same tiredness when you stay up far too late to finish a heady, plot-driven book
--the sudden appearance of shirtless 20-somethings in the park across the street even though you know your best-before date is long past

OK, I'll stop there.

Becky said...

My additions:

Tousling your hair after it's been locked in a ponytail for over half the day.

A deep massage.

Unfolding your legs at a rest stop following a long push to put some miles behind you.

Magpie said...

Running one's fingers gently over an exquisitely tender bruise.

Turning the hot water up as far as you can stand it at the end of the shower, just for a moment.

Karianna said...

Oh, beautiful. This imagination is definitely a way to start my morning! Speaking of which - that vindaloo is something I tried as a breakfast item. YUM!

Jenifer said...

You mentioned the brain freeze from a slurpee (ice cream), and the ponytail one someone mentioned is so true.

I am drawing a blank on anything else, except maybe waxing your legs?

This was another inventive post, I wish I had half your creativeness!

PunditMom said...

Oh, I love the way you think!

My entry (similar to the massage idea) -- Mr. PunditMom finding the huge knot in my shoulder and massaging it until it's gone.

Christine said...

wasabi, definitely wasabi. And a sore mouth from eating too many sour patch kid candies.

Christine said...

Oh, and a good back scratching!

bren j. said...

One thing: bare feet on a fresh bathmat. Mmmm.....

bren j. said...

Oh, and I SO want dill pickle chips now....

NotSoSage said...

Breaking in a pair of new, super-cute shoes.

Breaking in a pair of soft feet unprepared for walking on gravel paths at the cabin (the hardy pair I had by the end of the summer I called "Canadian feet").

The heat of the campfire on your jeans as you sit too close to it on a spring evening.

Chocolate brownies too soon out of the oven.

Body modification.

Alpha DogMa said...

A handful of Blue Diamond's' Wasabi and Soy Sauce Flavoured almonds. And too a lesser extent their Chili and Lime variety.

Rubbing alcohol on ears that are newly pierced.

The morning after a long cross country ski.

High school reunions.

(and Off topic: yes, I was so happy to see the Return of The Preview Function. I'm bad a proofreading, and this helps a lot.)

bubandpie said...

Mmmm, my blog is hedonism central today. I'm loving these.

Becky - It's been many years since I've had pony-tail length hair (or, at least, a shortest layer that is pony-tail length, since I'm too anal to go for the wispy look - if ALL the hair doesn't fit, I won't put it up) - but I can vividly remember how good it feels pulling it down. Ouch!

Mad - The sports-and-fitness ones I can't really relate to, but I'm glad you went with the emotional-pain angle, Mad, because after listening to the radio on my way to class this morning I need to add:

Listening to OMD's "If You Leave" and reliving my grade ten heartbreak.

Sage - Brownies fresh from the oven and a campfire! Awesome.

mcewen said...

Not familiar with the Cherry/ lime bit, but otherwise.......
There are clinical terms for sensory issues such as yours! [or should that be mine?]

Gwen said...

Waxing. Anywhere.

Amy said...

Getting your teeth cleaned, when the hygienist is a little too vigorous with the floss.

erin k said...


Throwing up. (is anyone with me?)

Cold cold legs through bluejeans when you should've been wearing longjohns.

Beck said...

- Dutch licorice
- horseradish
- chocolate-covered ginger, my favorite thing in the whole world.
- hot drinks that are a little TOO hot.
- hot baths that are a little too hot, and then gradually increasing the temperature until I'm practically boiled.

Alpha DogMa said...

-reading parenting magazines
(because sometimes it is nice to get all self-righteous)

Lady M said...

I'm so with you on theraputic massage. I always wait too long in between sessions and have all kinds of damage to be corrected.

In case you're interested, I wrote more about Victorian gowns at my place yesterday. ;)

Omaha Mama said...

Eating too many sunflower seeds, until your mouth gets sort of raw.

I love this list. And now must think of more.

Thank you!

Pieces said...

Mmmm. Good list.

Mimi said...

perfect. absolutely perfect. a nice blend of the cute and the icky -- but all enjoyable, non? great list.

Bon said...

oh god. "if you leave". sigh.

i KNOW with my head that that boy was all wrong for me and probably grew up very very dull, but whenever i hear that song, it's 1986 and my grade 9 prom all over again and he's dancing with that hoor.

there. i said it. ;)

flutter said...

I love this

-flossing something out of your teeth

-slightly too hot shower water

-Tweezing your eyebrows

Aliki2006 said...

Hmmm...great list. I'd add: getting a tattoo (I only have one but it was a good exquisite pain); peeling a scab away; I so agree with Wasabi.

bubandpie said...

Aliki - Hee hee. I'm a scab-picker too (that's the next phase after scratching the mosquito bite).

Mary G said...

Pushing your loose tooth back and forth and finally getting up the nerve to pull it out.
The weight of a sleeping toddler who has finally (finally!) dropped off to sleep.
And with aliki, picking scabs.

This was so great!

Jill said...

The delicious hair pulling that comes with allowing an eight-year old try to french braid your hair.

jen said...

stepping off a plane in asia and feeling the heat hit your face.

Kyla said...

My addition would have to be the same as Bon and Metro's. And the first bite of hot pizza, I always, always take it too soon and burn the top layer of skin off the rood of my mouth. But man does it taste good. Mmmm.

Erin K: My husband would wholeheartedly agree on the throwing up. Anytime I have an upset stomach he is suggesting "Just go throw up, you'll feel better!" But I hate it and avoid it as long as possible.

I loved this B&P! And reading everyone's additions is great fun.

nomotherearth said...

I had some good ones, but Sage and Mad mentioned them. Late to the party.

I could add:
Pop-rocks exploding in your mouth.
Soda bubbles going up your nose.

Do you detect a junk food theme here?

ali said...

brazilian wax :)

theflyingmum said...

The last one is my FAVORITE!!!!! Although those heart shaped ice cream sandwiches look painfully good too.
Let's see, oh - the slightly painful, but extremely clean teeth after a visit to the dentist. Is that really weird?
Lowering my body into a slightly too-hot bath.
Peeling up a scab.

scatty said...

Just a few to add:

Feeling blood rush into your stone cold slightly frostbitten toes when you pull them out of ski boots, after an energetic day at Blue.

Realizing that the 30kg bag of gravel in your arms at Home Depot... is really really heavy... but you were too proud to ask an orange apron man to put it in your cart.

Is it true that "good pain" builds character? Suck it up. Chin up.

Terri B. said...

The day after a lovely night on the town in San Francisco.

Gunfighter said...

The slight sting of burned gunpowder after a particulalry good string of fire at the range.