Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Eight Things About Me

Beck tagged me for this one – and then I was so slow to get it done that Thirty-Something Greenblogger and Cinnamon Gurl got me too.

Both the strength and the weakness of this meme lies in the total lack of an adjective before the word "me." Not weird things, not interesting things – just things. As if to make up for such dizzying freedom from adjectival limitations, this one is accompanied by sternly worded instructions:

A. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.

B. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Got that? Resistance is futile. We will be assimilated. So here goes:

1. I am blogging ahead right now. That is to say, I have enough posts completed to last for the upcoming week, and I am adding more to the queue daily. SAH rocks!

2. I eat Life Multigrain cereal every single morning, with brown sugar and 1% milk. (I like skim better for drinking, but I buy 1% instead because it tastes better on cereal.) I used to alternate the Life cereal with other, less desirable options, but eventually I embraced my Cereal Monogamy and I’ve been happier for it ever since. Bub, the creature of habit that he is, is surprisingly far more adventurous than I: while his staple is Shreddies, he likes to mix it up now and then with Special K, and he has recently begun exploring the wonderful world of Raisin Bran. Pie, on the other hand, resists the concept of breakfast altogether, preferring to reserve an enormous appetite for her lunch. (Hubby eats breakfast too, but his habits are not of sufficient interest to warrant blogging about them.)

3. Both my children drink organic whole milk, even though Bub had successfully moved down to 2% before the Pie was weaned. We switched him back to whole milk because there is not enough room in my refrigerator for 1% milk (for me), soy beverage (for hubby), 2% organic milk for Bub, and whole organic milk for Pie (much less that carton of skim I’d love to keep around as a chaser after Oreos or delight squares).

4. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use the phrase "noted more in the breach than in the observance" ever since I saw it on somebody’s blog (Beck, was it you?). Sadly, my life offers all too few openings for the use of this phrase.

5. My Friends list, in chronological order: Bono (1987), Kurt Browning (1992), Colin Firth (1996), Jim Cuddy (of Blue Rodeo, 1997), Hugh Laurie (2006).

6. I’ve been kind of wanting a second blog ever since I saw this widget. But what would it be for? I could start a review blog/book blog – but my bookish posts are kind of central to my identity over here at Bub and Pie. Food? Politics? Academics? The local bar scene? Or something else I have nothing to say about?

7. I was once an extra in a high-school production of Godspell. In Germany. So now, I have the German lyrics to "Day by Day" permanently etched into my brain: "Näher dir zu gehen, Tag fur Tag…" (Thanks, Mad, for reminding me. Lang leb Gott!)

(Okay, so this isn’t a photo of our production, but it might as well be, because that is exactly what we looked like.)

8. I came up with an eighth item, only to realize that I’ve used it before, in the five/six things about me meme that circulated a few months ago. (The item, in case you’re wondering, is that I was born nine months to the day after my parents’ wedding. Because apparently nothing interesting has happened during my life since then.) It took me an hour of scanning through my old posts before I could confirm that niggling memory – and I discovered that rapidly scanning one’s archive, recognizing posts and phrases as they fly by, is a great way to reinforce one’s self-concept as a blogger of enviable versatility and style. Whereas re-reading every single word (as I tried to do a couple months ago) is a great way to bore oneself to death.

Mommy-Like Days
Metro Mama
Lady M


slouching mom said...

Hugh Laurie. Need I say more?

Eva said...

I know sometimes it's fun to read old posts, but you can also try this Widget:
which I use for finding old posts or seeing if I said something already.

Omaha Mama said...

I LOVE Colin Firth! I love Life cereal!!!

The vague aspect of this blog irked me a little as well. Seemed to guarantee that it would be a boring list (from me) and probably was! :-) I think you've made a good list here. And I think a second blog would be an interesting twist to the B&P World. You could have a mommy blog here and a cultural (?) themed blog where you talk about books, food, nightlife at B&P after dark.

bubandpie said...

OM - Hehe. I can see it now. "It's after dark here at Casa B&P. What should I do? Read blogs or go to bed?" A thrill-a-minute, that one.

Owlhaven said...

I was born 9 months and 3 days after my parents' wedding. And I was 3 days late.


Patois said...

My daughter was born 13 months before my husband and I married. I suspect her life will be much more exciting for her. And I mean life as in, life, not the cereal.

Lawyer Mama said...

Hugh Laurie. Yummy.

I love that widget. I put in on my review site, with stuff from my original site.

Nine months to the day, huh? How many jokes did your parents have to put up with about that?!

Mad Hatter said...

Mmmmm. Jim Cuddy. I love Jim Cuddy. Oh and I love the others as well.

BTW, I think it might've been Mimi who said the observance/breach bit. Not sure, though.

An extra in Godspell? Let's see. There was Christ, the disciples and, uh, uh... Who were you, again?

As for this meme, it's as if it was written by the same person who wrote Godspell. Talk about explicit stage directions. YOU MUST LIST THESE (germane to all memes) RULES FIRST and YOU MUST WEAR A SUPERMAN T-SHIRT TOO.

cinnamon gurl said...

Ooh, I remember noted more in the breach than the observance... I think it might have been Bon. Oh, I see Mad suggested Mimi... maybe it was her. Oh my memory.

I'm pretty much a cereal monogamist too, except my bowl of choice is a combination of shreddies and almond oatmeal crisp.

Kyla said...

Ahhh, well you caught me in time. I haven't done Sin's tag, so I'll make it a double. :)

bubandpie said...

Mad - I guess I was a Random Israelite. Or a member of the chorus. Pick whichever term you prefer.

Jenn said...


Don't mind me. I'm just dreaming over the picture. I'm in a wedding dress, sweet nothings are being whispered in my ear....

And the different milk for different meals things? Completely get it.

Beck said...

I googled that phrase and it WAS Mimi! There are so many incredibly excellent phrases that are surprisingly hard to work into normal conversation...

Jenifer said...

Yep that was Mimi's phrase...but I see as I have had the browser open for like 5 hours now and everyone figured it out too...

I like your list, it is neither scary nor boring, somewhere right in the middle in the interesting range.

I have friend who was born a week early to the day of the nine months, the talk this caused some thirty plus years ago was crazy EVEN when the doctor confirmed she was a week premature.

How on earth are you ahead, clearly I am doing something wrong.

bubandpie said...

Jen - If it's any comfort, this is the first time I've blogged ahead in over a year of blogging. And it'll seem a lot less impressive once you see all the memes and award-posts I've got lined up for this week.

Mom101 said...

I love the notion of cereal monogamy. It makes it hard for me to understand how Nate is able to play the field. I'm always like, we have three boxes of cereal! Why did you get two more?

Sigh, Godspell. One of my faves, In English though.

painted maypole said...

cereal monogamy? are you like my husband, who orders the same thing at every restaurant? I can tell you what he will eat by where we are dining. Adventuresome he is not. At least in the culinary arena.

Alpha DogMa said...

You are a brave woman to let Bub eat Raisin Bran. My boys can eat it once I am completely removed from their toiletry regime.

I don't get the reference in Point 5? "My Friends list"? What cool blogger lingo am I missing now?

bubandpie said...

AD - You're pulling my leg, right? After all, you're the one who made Jenifer reveal her celebrity rumpusing list.

Mommy-Like Days said...

OK, I'm a little confused about 2 things: Am I supposed to leave a comment on the tagger's blog to announce I've done the meme? I'm done!
Secondly, that list, chronological. . .you mean you wouldn't, you know, Bono, you know, now?

NotSoSage said...

Colin Firth. He's on my Friends list five times, I think. Knowing that he lived in the wilds of BC for a year only seals the deal.

What? Did you write about something else? I'll have to go back and read it again.

Em said...

Hey, thanks for the tag!

Colin Firth... yum, yum!

mcewen said...

Don't think of 8 as a memory slip, instead consider it a strength that you could remember that you HAD used it before.

ewe are here said...

Wha is it about Colin Firth, because I've always had a serious soft spot for him, too!

And I'm with you one the '1 cereal' when cereal is eaten, only for me it's Special K wherein I add walnuts and fruit.

bubandpie said...

MLD - Excellent question. The year refers to when the person was added to the list, and also to the ideal age: Bono now I would, um, no question, but 1987 Bono? Even more so.

Christine said...

i have never seen godspell. but you and mad have peaked my interest. . .

Mimi said...

You did in fact TOTALLY give Beck credit for my awesome phrase. Which I, in my turn, spouted forth out of a memory ... meaning I obviously read it somewhere but can't remember.

Hold on. I'm googling ...

Funny. Your post comes out at the top. Me, not so much. Apparently, Hamlet said this first. In case you were wondering. But definitely I said it second, and I'll arm-wrestle Beck to prove it :-)

Cereal monogamy. Heh-heh. Colin Firth. Yum. Hugh Laurie? Extra yum.

nomotherearth said...

I was in 3 productions of Godspell (my favourite show EVER), and in the second one, I sang Day by Day. Darn song is hard to forget, whatever language you sang it in.

marian said...

Eldest child: "Dari-Free" potato-based milk substitute (casein-free)
Youngest child: Lact-Aid(for lactose intolerance)
Husband: whole milk (for which he'll accept no substitute)
Me: skim
Middle two children: hate skim and whole, but have no other choice because the shelves are FULL already, ok?!

Lady M said...

Colin Firth, yum.

Ok, I will assemble 8 interesting things - it's going to take a moment!

Carrien said...

Day by day...day by day... now that's stuck in my head.

Am I the only one who thinks that being a cereal monogamist is funnier if you spell it serial?

Just as cereal killer is much funnier than the other. Hmm, I think I've been married too long, I'm starting to sound like my husband.

Susanne said...

Great post. I am a cereal monogamist too. Well, a müsli monogamist but that's not that much fun.

Godspell in Germany? Very interesting. Where? (And you don't really have to answer that one since I'm so behind in reading.

And I tip my (invisible) hat to you for having blog posts in stack. Wow.