Friday, July 27, 2007

Weekend Update

Now updated with one more update!

(In which I emulate J.K. Rowling and try to tie up all the loose ends from my previous posts.)

Computer Crash Update
It was a faulty hard-drive, which has now been replaced. Irretrievably lost are the following items:

  • Twelve years’ worth of personal emails, including all the flirtatious courtship messages hubby and I exchanged back when we were “just friends.”
  • About four weeks’ worth of lecture notes, most of which still exist on paper.
  • The syllabuses (syllabi?) I was preparing for my fall courses.
  • The $500 it cost to replace the hard drive and purchase Microsoft Office rather than re-installing the ancient Office ’98 I was using before.

Avalanche Ranch Update
We never went back.

Day-Care Update
A few days ago, I got a call from a nursery school right around the corner, one that comes highly recommended by a friend who sent her daughter there last year. They have spots available in their morning program, which mirrors a JK curriculum, except in what they call “a more nurturing environment.” They have a 2:16 ratio, with an additional supply teacher who comes in to assist any children with special needs. I can drop Bub off as early as 8:45, which means I’ll have time to go in and settle him down before leaving to teach my 9:30 class. Also, they’re a co-op, which means the tuition is less than half that of a Montessori school.

Just talking to the teacher was enough to lift a burden of anxiety I didn’t even know I was carrying. When I told her about Bub’s tendency to melt down at the slightest reprimand, she said, “Wow! It sounds like he’s a three-year-old!” I walked over with the children yesterday and sat in on a day-camp they’re running through the summer months. The preschool is located in a church basement, and compared to the day-care centers I toured a few weeks ago, it’s old and shabby. But it’s a veritable wonderland, with puppets and easels and a building center with enough blocks to create a fort large enough to hide in. Although the room was filled with children, it seemed quiet and peaceful, with music playing in the background. When Pie tried to leave, Bub went back in on his own, calling back to us, “Come on, let’s go play!” I felt safe there; I felt at home.

I have an interview on Tuesday with a home-care provider who lives right down the street; if she is as nice as she seemed on the phone, we may have an arrangement I can live with for the fall.

Autism Update
The long-awaited appointment at the PDD Diagnostic Clinic is finally scheduled for late September. It’s a two-day process, with the second day of testing occurring 4-5 weeks after the first one. So by late October/early November, we should have some of the answers we are looking for.

Little Gym Update
The third class was a breakthrough. After the disaster that first week, I was relieved when Bub managed to play happily apart from the group the following week - he wasn't participating, exactly, but at least he was having fun. But yesterday was different. When Bub hung back at the beginning, unsure about going in, his new friend Austin grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into the room. He ran in a circle with the other children. He waited his turn to go across the bars. He sat by the wall to listen to brief instructions. During the open ball-play he mimicked the other children, setting his ball down when they did and throwing it up in unison. At the end, he sat down for circle time and did a series of actions in concert with the others.

In the meantime, Pie and I hung out in the lobby, where she seemed intuitively to understand that there was no point begging to go in, that she wasn't allowed. So we read nursery rhymes and played with toys while I chatted with Austin's mom, who is just as kindredly as she appeared on our first meeting. We dissected Harry Potter and pooled our knowledge of autism while our sons joined forces in the gym, teaching one another how to be friends.


flutter said...

That's a lot in such a short post. Is that hard drive still in existence, because you could have the emails extracted...

as for the rest, I will be thinking of you.

JMA said...

It's nice when Friday ends on a hopeful note, isn't it? I'm crossing fingers that the daycare all falls neatly into place for you.

BTW, thanks for your two cents on the scream-fest. I always turned *up* the volume on the radio to drown out my older two (la la la, can't hear you). Your way sounds much more civilized. :)

Jenifer said...

Yeah for you! Well, the computer part sucks...I can't believe it was all lost.

When I was working I used to print some of my more important documents when I was working a project and I would set up a binder divided by timelines, costs, copy points, meeting notes, etc. Everyone thought I was so antiquated until they lost one of their precious documents and they would ask me for a copy or when we would be in a meeting and I would have everything at my fingertips. I tend to this day to keep hard copies of lots of stuff.

I do not have hard copies of all my blog posts though so that is next on my agenda.

Glad to hear about the other good news.

nomotherearth said...

Terrible news about the computer - especially the email correspondence. That's what I'd be most devastated upon learning.

As to the other news, though, it sounds like things are looking up!

Julie Pippert said...

Hey that childcare option sounds really good.

I don't blame you not returning to Avalanche Ranch.

And GL with the appointment. I'm glad it's set.

Mary-LUE said...

The preschool sounds great!

Hearing about your hard drive is reminding me I need to ask my husband to back up ours. The loss of photos alone would make a hard drive failure a crisis.

Thanks for the wrap up!

Mouse said...

The preschool outlook is good. So glad to hear things are moving in a positive direction.

The computer bit makes me cringe. Every once in a while it strikes me just how much work I'd lose if something happened to my laptop. But do I back up regularly? Nope.

Swistle said...

Sorry about that hard drive. Urg, that sucks.

Yesterday's jellybean photo just made me crave jellybeans for the second day in a row. I don't even LIKE jellybeans, but those look all shiny delicious.

Patois said...

Heading into the weekend with a hopeful daycare outlook, a funny VBS story for years to come, and a computer that's working? I'd call that a good Friday.

mamakie said...

Bummer about the computer - a good reminder to find a way to back things up. Good news about the preschool. My daughter is scheduled to start preschool this fall too, in a church basement and although it doesn't look shiny and new I've only heard good things about it.

Enjoy your weekend!

ewe are here said...

I'm so delighted you found a good place for your boy. So delighted.

And I'm very sorry to hear about the computer losses...especially the correspondence between you and your husband. The loss reminds me I need to back up my digital pictures again.

Kirsten said...

Man, I felt the same way when I lost the "Courtship text msgs" in my old phone.

Isn't great childcare the most beautiful thing?!


Bon said...

that's a lot for one week...with a lot of range.

the harddrive with the emails? so sad. i have those too, and even though i never actually look at them much, i value the having of them. and i am sorry for your lack of having, and hope flutter's suggestion may offer possibility.

but the rest, especially daycare, and the assessment? good. very good. happy for you.

Karen said...

oh a shabby church basement sounds like just the place for imagination and fun - and the teacher sounds so, well, sane! happy week-ending to you.

Aliki2006 said...

Wow--too bad Rowling couldn't have tied things up in such a neat and interesting fashion...:)

I'm glad you feel good about the preschool option--what a load removed.

natalie said...

Eek on the computer (especially those cherished emails), but what a relief on the childcare front. That pre-school teacher sounds lovely and sensible.

thirtysomething said...

Well, first this: Damn about the hard drive. Something similar happened with my brothers hard drive--twice--last year. Don't purchase a Dell, I might add. But like Flutter said, some of it actually may be able to be extracted...
As for the Daycare...great, great news. An adjustment for sure, but sounds like a high quality center and that is paramount. He will have such fun.
As for the autism...I guess it sounds like good news, is it an eval for one of your children? Sorry, I have only been out here reading posts for a little more than two months, so I may not know the story there. I have spent the last three years working in a classroom with a little boy with Autism and it fascinates me how far he has come with the structure and behavioral management techniques. Hang in there...:)

mamatulip said...

Will be thinking of you come late September...keep us posted, please.

kgirl said...

Good news about the pre-school/day care situation. The preschool actually sounds amazing, and the teacher gave the most intellegent answer I've heard to the meltdown-as-symptom-of-something-more-troubling question.

(not to say that there aren't other things you're concerned about; only that toddler tantrums are quite acceptable, developmentally, on their own.)

V-Grrrl said...

I'm glad you found the right preschool for you and your family and that you're on track for finding a daycare provider too.

Omaha Mama said...

Thanks for the update, I really do like it when cliff hangers are resolved. I'm glad you've found a preschool that seems like a good fit. Prayers for your family that the home care will be great and also for the Sept appt. Hopefully questions will be answered and you all can move on with your lives.

Have a good weekend.

Mad Hatter said...

That co-op sounds like a great place. It actually sounds a lot like the co-op my sister runs. I am pleased you and Bub felt at home there.

cinnamon gurl said...

My condolences on your hard drive, and more importantly the things you lost. Awful.

Glad to hear your daycare options are looking up. Maybe there's hope for me too?

Lisa b said...

Except for the first part this is fantastic news.
I always seem to be drawn to the shabby but perfect arrangements rather than the shiny but hollow ones.
I'm glad you have found a home.

Luisa Perkins said...

Ugh, I am sick for you over your hard drive. And the Ranch--I think you made the right decision. But it's great to hear some good news on the day care front!

Susanne said...

You must feel very relieved. (Not about the lost things on your hard drive though.) The daycare thing has a nice feel to it and also the Gym class. Thank you very much for telling us. Somehow I end up worrying a little about a fellow blogger's worries too.

And what flutter said.

Beck said...

Everything is good news in this post except the first part. All of your early emails to each other! That's TERRIBLE!

slouching mom said...

I've always thought that the best indicator of whether a preschool is right for your family is this:

I felt safe there; I felt at home.

I'm so glad.

Mouse said...

Hooray on Little Gym! Third time's the charm. If Bub is anything like Scooter on this, having this kid of success once will make each time a little easier. Not that there won't be some bad days, but at least he knows he can do what the other kids do and have fun!

Veronica Mitchell said...

The loss of emails is ghastly.

I guess you'll just have to start flirting with each other all over again.

ewe are here said...

Oh! I'm so glad Bud's found such a good little friend! It really can make all the difference sometimes.

Jenifer said...

Well it sound to me like the good news here outweighs the bad. That really stinks about you computer (my step-son spilled a soda in my WEEK OLD laptop so I sympathize with "computer mourning"). However, I am thrilled you found a daycare you feel good about and Bub's behavior at the gym class is wonderful!

Glad to hear he is making friends, I am sure it warms your heart~!

Kyla said...

Excellent updates. Sounds like good news all around this time. Those are the best sorts of updates.

Kyla said...

Oh, except the lost computer items. Especially those emails. :(

But otherwise, good updates.

mcewen said...

Yes, a great deal in one post, but most especially, I'm glad to hear that you have found a kindredly spirit.
Best wishes

kittenpie said...

That church daycare sounds much like ours, which I love, if it helps you to know.

Glad to hear Bub is taking to gym a little better. HOw nice to have met another mom to hang with, too.

Good news all around, excpet for the computer. :^(

DaniGirl said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you that you're on the cusp of finding a workable daycare solution. Funny how sometimes it all just comes together, isn't it?