Friday, August 31, 2007

Apropos of Nothing

Like: The new sign I installed at the bottom of my blog. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who ever sees it, but whenever I scroll down to see if any new comments have cropped up on my recent posts, there it is, different every time.


Made by Andrea Micheloni

Don’t Like: Organic dark chocolate with ginger pieces. It sounds like it ought to be delicious, in the sense that it’s so strange and counter-intuitive that it would only exist if it were really good. But in fact it just tastes weird.

(Do not suppose, however, that I plan to dispose of said chocolate. Oh, no – I’ll still eat it. I’ll just be really disappointed whenever I do.)

Like: Coming up with new labels for my posts. “Seasons” is my newest one, and a quick glance through my archive suggests that there is, in fact, a season for writing about seasons, one that lasts from July to December. Lots of summer beach posts, lots of lyrical meditations on autumn, a few snow day snapshots, but nothing between January and June. Bleak midwinter is the time for thinky blogging, with frivolous weather posts banished until the first beach day of summer.

Don’t Like: Spring. It’s the most overrated season, composed mostly of mud, rain, and late snowstorms that are completely without the novelty and excitement of those first few blizzards in early December. By the time spring has grown out of its awkward all-arms-and-legs phase, it’s nearly July and time to break out the shorts and tank-tops.

Like: This idea I found at Owlhaven: Personalize the following quote:

“One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.”

Here’s my attempt:

One ought, every day at least, to sit in silence for half an hour, read the newspaper, eat (or drink) something while it is still hot, and if it were possible, to sleep for eight hours uninterruptedly.

It’s as if I have a newborn, isn’t it? I guess when I think about the minimum I ask of the day in order to feel healthy and centered, my mind just naturally wanders to the months when none of those things occurred, ever.

(Here are some of the things that crossed my mind while I was making my list, but did not make the cut: fresh air, sunsets, TV, shopping, exercise, hearing the heartwarming sound of children’s laughter.)

Don’t Like: Card games in which one is required to place bids or call trump. Losing is bad enough without deepening the humiliation by engaging in wanton acts of hubris at the beginning of each hand.


Luisa Perkins said...

Your 'Sil-lah' posts are among my favorites.

Bad scene regarding the G&B Ginger Chocolate. The G&B Butterscotch is wonderful. But not available in the US. Perhaps you lucky Canadians have access to it.

b*babbler said...

I love your bottom logo!

My brain is too tired to offer any more than this... I, too, need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, which, with a daughter waking up at 4 am to "chat" to us, is just not happening these days!

Joy, of course said...

Ooh Ooh Ooh! I am totally ripping off your sign thing. Love it.

Blog Antagonist said...

I hadn't seen the sign, but I really like it.

Ginger Chocolate? That doesn't sound appealing in the least. I also don't like fruit/chocolate combinations. There is no Spring here, so I've written it off completely.

Christine said...

i never noticed the sign! Cool.

and that chocolate sounds weird,. but i too would eat it anyway!

flutter said...

There is no spring here, there is kinda winter and holy cow it's HOT! Summertime. Ah, the joys of the desert.

slouching mom said...

I may take your sign and run with it. Call me a copycat if you will.

I can take it.

I love that you're still going to eat the chocolate bar, but feel disappointed. I'd do (and feel) the same thing.

Julie Pippert said...

Oh yes, I noticed your sign and liked it. Sorry I never said!

Sigh no seasons here. Just Summer--Less summer--More summer--Hurricane.

Okay so I guess there are seasons LOL

I am LOVING Ginger Peach water from Archer Farms.

I am LOVING the No Pudge brownie mix (best thing EVAH!!)

I am NOT LOVING the car rider line at school.

I am NOT LOVING the Mold Season (ooh, look another season here!).

I am LOVING how stinking CUTE my girls are when reunited after school. I just swallowed a big lump and pasted on a Big Mommy Smile because little P asked big P for a Sister Hug. (They would not appreciate the attention or display of emotion in Their Moment.)

Ravin' Picture Maven

Magpie said...

I love your sign. I've been coveting it, but it only works for up to 12 letters and I need 13 (with a space). Oh well.

It reminds me of a great kids alphabet book, called ABC NYC: A Book About Seeing New York City

painted maypole said...

I can't throw away chocolate, either! ;) but with ginger? did that really sound like a good idea!?!?

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

re: cards. Ah, but is it hubris if you win then, or extreme good judgement?

AnneK said...

One ought, every day at least, to reflect quietly on the day for half an hour, read for an hour, eat your vitamins, and if it were possible, to sleep without getting up to pee in the night.

On another note, I have nominated you for Rockin Girl Blogger on my blog. You rock!

Binkytown said...

I didn't notice the bottom logo but I'm glad you pointed it out!

Terri said...

Yes, spring is overrated. I love autumn the best of all. I'm convinced the "autumn" of my life will be the best part of my life just as the season of autumn is the best part of the year.

Okay, that's a rather hokey metaphor, but I can't help it.

I love autumn! Yay, for autumn!


How do you leave your first comment on someones sight you've never met?
like this I guess

Ginger chocolate sounds delicious to me, but then again I love marmite and stinky cheese

I love your sight, I love forward to reading it everyday.

Kyla said...

I've been admiring Mad's sign...yours too. Very nifty.

I like your Like/Don't Like posts quite a bit.

TNMomof5 said...

I love your adaptation of the quote :) Definately.

erin k said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Ginger and Chocolate.

Also, there is an award for you at my place...

Catherine said...

We've never disagreed so thoroughly. I love spring . And I LOVE card games where you must call trump. Even more, I love card games where you must call trump in the spring!

I agree with all other points. :)

kittenpie said...

I must admit, I love chocolate and ginger. In fact, I love chocalote-covered ginger. Oh yum.

I once had a professor who professed to hate spring, too. He told us it reminded him of dead things, of when all the snow melted away and the brown mucky rotting things showed up. Nice. I happen to love spring, myself, as I also love autumn. Mostly, though, I just hate winter.

NotSoSage said...

Oh, shucks. I love (LOVE) that chocolate...if you weren't going to eat it, I was going to suggest you send it my way. The caramel one, though, is my current favourite - the caramel is slightly salty and I am a sucker for salt with chocolate.

Sigh. I love that I can find some common ground with this incredibly gifted, insightful writer (that's you) because you're as obsessed with chocolate as I am. :)

Omaha Mama said...

Like: Your like/don't like posts.

I love 10 point pitch. Yes, there is bidding and utter humiliation. But usually for my husband, who always bids too high.

Love that sign!

My name is Rima. said...

I hate spring, as well. And sunny winter days.

But I love your sign.

theflyingmum said...

My Ben starts first grade next week, and i am surprised at how melancholy that makes me. I'm not even up to posting about it.

Marian said...

Those rating spring so highly probably don't live in Canada or the northern U.S., that's for sure! The presence of a valid spring certainly depends on where you live. My favorite season depends entirely on what location I'm thinking about. In Wisconsin, the four seasons were lovely summer, crisp, invigorating fall, loooong, white winter (in which one could at least reliably particpate in many fun winter sports), and slush & mud season, very similar to what you dare to call spring. In southern Virginia, otoh, we had hot humid summer, summer- part II (in which we try to get back to school and look the part, despite the sweaty ridiculousness), cool, green "winter", and gorgeous, glorious, most wonderful spring.

venessa said...

I never liked spring until I started gardening. Now it is the time of year that I obsessively plan my garden, order my seeds, and wait for them to come in the mail, and then I flip through them daily, organizing and reorganizing until the ground thaws. This spring will be even better, when I will watch my new spring bulbs popping up in succession from April to June.

Lisa b said...

I was going to comment on that cute sign but then I saw the chocolate below and its just thrown me totally off. I LOVE that chocolate. LOVE is not even strong enough of a word when it comes to chocolate that is better than perfect. I do however have a bar of lindt 85% dark in my purse that also continues to disappoint me as I work away at it. Too bad we couldn't switch.
I could also go for some sleep.

Swistle said...

In the first trimester with the twins when I was all pukey, I tried sugared ginger. It sounded delicious. It was vile.

Lawyer Mama said...

I'm not a huge fan of Spring either & I live in the South. Too much rain & the weather can't decide what it wants to do. It annoys me to have to check the weather before I dress my kids.

I love your sign at the bottom. I noticed it the other day. Very cool.

AprilMay said...

I love that sign! I put one on my blog. :) And ginger + dark chocolate = yuck to me!

Angela said...

Organic dark chocolate with ginger pieces I think I could have liked that while I was pregnant with my son, but sounds gross now.
I also do not like spring. I stay indoors as much as I can. The few seconds I am outdoors I die from alergies. The rest of the year I am outside almost all day.

thirtysomething said...

I like it...very animated and imaginative!
The Ginger chocolate does NOT sound appealing to me either, but the 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep--now THAT I could grow to love!

kgirl said...

Like - b&p posts that make me smile.

(though I'm not sure about the chocolate.)

Angela said...

Ack! I just purchased said chocolate bar myself last week, because I love Green and Blacks. I was so very pissed off when I realized how yucky it was.

andi said...

I'm ever so bummed about the ginger chocolate. I had planned on trying it, but now think I might not. Thanks for the warning.

mamatulip said...

I really like the bottom banner. It's very cool.

Chocolate and ginger shouldn't marry. It just sounds...wrong.

Momish said...

I admit, I never noticed the bottom banner and now I am in love. I will never miss it again!

I think spring is overrated as well. Fall is never appreciated as much as it should be with all the back to school hussle. And for the record, I always feel bad for Thanksgiving. Christmas overshadows it every year and it never gets it just dues. How that use to bother me as a kid! I tried very hard not to mention Christmas until after Thanksgiving just so I wouldn't hurt its feeling.

(I tended to personify everything as a child which probably explains my current neurosis as an adult)

Beck said...

I know - that chocolate bar is GROSS. It's hard to put my finger on what's so off-putting about it - is it the dusty organic ickyness? Perhaps.
I'll admit that I had never seen your bottom logo, but it is pretty spiffy.
I always forget to label my posts, even though I like the idea of labelling in THEORY.

Jenn said...

Like: Your posts.

Don't like: When they come to an end and I have to wait for a new one.

Bon said...

i found the G&B chocolate sampler box we were given by a very nice friend in England to be a bit of a disappointment all round, all tasted a bit burnt and gritty, more like coffee than chocolate. can't buy it here in PEI, so can't say if the Cdn version is different...but will add that ours, however disappointing, didn't go to waste either.

i need sleep too. always more, never seems to matter. i secretly wonder if i won't really enjoy my nursing home days, should i be blessed with long life.

winslow1204 said...

chocolate with ginger??? Not sure I would like it either!:)

Owlhaven said...

loved it!!!

sleep 8 hour.....yawn.... that one sounds particularly wonderful right now!


ewe are here said...

OOoh. I love this post!

And the new Bub and Pie bar at the bottom is really cool!