Friday, October 26, 2007

Overrated Pleasures

I’m an appreciator of small pleasures. That said, there are certain things in life that I seem constitutionally incapable of enjoying – things that other people exult in which somehow leave me cold.

  • Freshly Laundered Sheets. They always look so lovely in the dryer-sheet commercials, billowing whitely in the sunshine as the radiant housewife throws them on the bed. And then her husband comes home and discovers that freshly-laundered scent – five days later! I love the idea of crisp linens, but in practice I find that unless I make a mental note I forget to even check for that elusive whiff of freshness. Maybe I have an underactive sense of smell, or perhaps I’m just too tired at the end of the day to care.

  • Shoes. There are two sensations that shoes have the power to excite in me: (1) pain, and (2) bored indifference. I understand the theory behind the love of new shoes: now that clothing is no longer fun to buy (due to awkward waistline issues), I can divert my vanity towards pumps and handbags. (Is pumps even the word I’m looking for here? It would sound much cooler to say something like espadrilles – but I’m not entirely sure what those are.)

  • Nature. October is the wrong month for this item, because even I am seduced by the riotous pleasures of fall. It’s warm enough to step out the door without bracing myself, yet cold enough that all the bees and wasps have gone into hibernation. Everything, suddenly, is my favourite colour. Nature should always be so accommodating. Any other month of the year, though, I infinitely prefer the indoor world with its screened windows, computer access, and cushioned chairs to the prickly discomforts of nature.

  • Wine. I can enjoy a glass of Merlot with barbecued steak in the summer. Most of the time, though, I’d prefer a latte with whipped cream or even Coke straight from the can.

  • Dogs. I go all melty over a chocolate-lab puppy just as much as the next person, but on the whole dogs seem to have too much saliva. The small ones yap and the big ones get muddy paws on your shoulders. They need to go out for walks in even the most inhospitable weather and then you have to pick up their poop with a plastic bag. Why bother, when you could just as easily adopt a nice fluffy cat? (Also: dogs can’t purr.)

  • MSN. I know I’m not alone in my resistance to Facebook, but what about instant messaging? Am I the only one who considers it to be a stress I just don’t need to add to my life?

  • Exotic Travel Destinations. Every year my in-laws spend a couple of weeks touring remote and exciting locations: Ethiopia, China, India, Peru. They book tours with agencies that promote adventure-touring: they ride camels into the desert and sleep in sleeping bags under the stars. I would really like to be the kind of person who will spend her retirement so adventurously – but I’m pretty sure I’m not. I’m more of a hotel person than a tent person, and when I think about my dream vacation, I no longer consider exotic locations: instead, I find myself fantasizing about England and Germany, Quebec City and New York. It’s as if all the places I really wanted to see I managed to visit before I turned twenty, and now all I want to do is go back.

    What about you? What do you consider to be overrated pleasures?


    flutter said...

    Champagne- most of the time even the expensive stuff is gross

    Ribs- they are a boatload of effort for minimal return

    mayberry said...

    I am totally with you on the wine. I prefer to spend my calories on dessert.

    Also overrated for me: lobster. Or any shellfish. Yuck.

    My Buddy Mimi said...

    I think lobster is overrated, but I see someone else already nominated it. It costs 10 times more than all the other options, and it's certainly not 10 times better.

    slouching mom said...

    I couldn't agree more about shoes.

    Also -- roses. There are lots prettier flowers than roses, IMO.

    TrudyJ said...

    I'm with you on the first four of those, but I like dogs and MSN (not together) and I'd be willing to give exotic destinations a try if someone would pay for my ticket.

    Steak. That's an overrated pleasure in my books. I hate it. Give me good, lean home-cooked hamburger any day of the week. Chicken's even better.

    jen said...

    champagne is a good one.

    expensive clothes. expensive furniture. fancy cars. all over-rated.

    but travel...natch. it's my lifeblood.

    Veronica Mitchell said...

    I don't IM for the same reasons I don't have a cell phone.

    And shoes in general - well, I'll just point out that I wear a size 10 wide and leave it at that. Although I will get pleasureful over a pair of warm, soft, waterproof hiking boots.

    I'll add manicures and pedicures - ick. Why would I want anyone messing with my fingers and toes?

    gretchen from lifenut said...

    I've never, ever wanted to go to the Caribbean---or any tropical vacation destination. My first trip to Florida was this past summer and my take-away lesson was that sand is a pain in the a$$ to deal with.

    Cheesecake. Over-rated coagulated milk sponges not worth the orgasmic adoration it gets.

    The "CSI-Insert City" shows on CBS. I don't like watching murders any more than I want to be murdered.

    I part ways with you on the freshly laundered sheets. Love them, relish them, would put a fresh pair on my bed every night if I had the energy.

    bubandpie said...

    Flutter - Ribs are good if somebody else makes them. But that seems to be mostly true when I'm in the ravenous stage of pregnancy.

    Mayberry, MBM - The place where lobster is NOT overrated (or overly expensive) is P.E.I. (another one of my dream-destinations, even though I've been there twice already).

    Slouchy - Roses! Good one. (Unless they're yellow roses. That's different.)

    Veronica - Manicures and pedicures even hurt, too. But I still like them.

    bubandpie said...

    Gretchen - We need to work out some kind of deal where I give you all my freshly laundered sheets and you give me any slices of cheesecake you happen to be offered.

    Crime shows, though - yeah. Especially the "Special Victims Unit" ones.

    Chantal said...

    Sleeping in, not to be confused with lounging in bed all morning. When I get my chance to sleep in I usually wake up in a sleep fog wondering why I didn't just get up at my regular time. Although I am partial to waking up and having my coffee delivered to me while I lounge in bed reading a book.

    Sarcasta-Mom said...

    I'm definetely with you on most of those. My shoes are cheap and bought to match everything. Dogs are smelly. Take the wine, bring me the cake, etc.

    I'll agree with roses too- give me Calla Lillies any day.

    Everyone seems to have nailed all the good ones. Can I add going to the movies? Frankly, I'd rather Netflix it any night. I like to watch movies in my PJ's, all snuggled up, not with a bunch of strangers and overpriced snacks.

    Piece of Work said...

    Baths. Why is lying in a pool of your own filth supposed to be luxurious?

    Also, baseball. Boring. Beyond boring. Though I love basketball, esp. the college kind.

    But I do love travel, the more exotic the better, and I'm completely addicted to all the crimeshows.

    Jennifer said...

    Overrated in my book:

    Expensive dinners out. I can think of so many more ways I'd rather spend any extra money.

    Movies in the movie theater. I'd much rather curl up on my couch with my sweet.

    Perfume. It just gives me a headache.

    But, oh, freshly washed sheets, dried in the sun?? At the top of my Greatest Pleasures list. Along with travel. Wanderlust is in my soul. And nature? Is my soul.

    (p.s. Yes, I find IM to be annoying. I disabled mine years ago and don't miss it at all.)

    Karen (miscmum) said...


    I despise them! I don't know how anyone can sit through one!

    cce said...

    Massages. What does one leave on? What does one take off? I spent my one and only massage so tense and anxious about massage etiquette that it was laughably unrelaxing.

    Lotus Siva Carroll said...


    Fresh sheets just means you're making the bed AGAIN. The only thing good about sheets is not noticing the smell because you're deeply sleeping for an extended amount of time on top of them. (when did that last happen? high school?)

    Love the shoes. A good pair can double as a weapon.

    Hey... you can always study the beauty in nature through a window. ;-P

    Wine. I gave up drinking in February to support someone else. Sometimes I miss it fiercely, most of the time, it's for the best.

    Dogs pee on stuff. Nuff said. But cats have an air of superiority that ruffles MY fur.

    IM was fun... like 2378423 years ago. Now I have NO TIME.

    Exotic Travel: right now, just the thought of frivolous travel of ANY kind seems alien. Maybe delightful, regardless of locale? Hm.

    Personally, one thing I can't get into as so many other people do, so insanely, is this whole Reality TV thing. It completely turns me off... yet I see so many other people clamoring for it. Me just don't gets it. *shrug*

    -The Shiny Happy Mama- said...

    Cats. They are freaky.

    Expensive jeans. I mean, why????

    I, too, do not desire adventurous travel. Why go when I can sit on my sofa and watch Anthony Bourdain do it? I also prefer the metropolitan destinations for myself. Which brings me to...

    Beaches. Pretty, yes. But there is no shade! And you get sand in the crevices!! I like it at night, for a walk in the surf. I do not understand people who can lie on the beach, baking in the sun all day.

    Valentines Day. I prefer spontaneous romance on any random day. It's more meaningful that way.

    Cyndi said...

    I totally agree with you on the dogs. I agree with most of what you and others said, but baths? I don't know what my life would be like without them. I can't think of anything to add that hasn't been already.

    Beck said...

    I'm with you on nature and travel - bleh to both. I can be uncomfortable in the comfort of my own home, thank you.
    Let's see, other overrated pleasures....
    1)Laying on the beach. Wow, sand up my suit AND an increased rate of skin cancer AND being surrounded by a bunch of tanorexic, cheerful nitwits? Oh, THAT'S fun.
    2) Steak. TOO MUCH CHEWING.
    3) Parties.

    Suz said...

    I'm allergic to lobster and shellfish, so yes, overrated. And along the exotic travel topic, Hawaii is vastly overrated. Takes forever to get there and there are better beaches closer to home.

    But, I love shoes, dogs, and find pedicures relaxing.

    JCK said...

    This is a fun topic! All the comments really cracked me up.

    I'm so glad Gretchen brought up the CSI shows. It is really disturbing to me how many of these shows are out there and that more keep coming. The new one on Friday nights that tries in the preview to promote the show as women in charge, yet has a women being attacked from behind? Very disturbing. Obviously I can do without them!

    O.K., so I'm probably going to be the only one out there that thinks this, but...I can do without all the Pottery Barn catalogues. I toss them in the recycle bin (hubby fishes them out in a huff) because... they just make me feel that we don't have enough. And that is wrong.

    Jenifer said...

    You don't love Clean Sheet Night? I do even though I find changing (well I don't actually change them - we are on our second set of sheets in 10 years. I just wash them and put them back) anyhoo, changing the sheets is annoying and seems to take all day.

    Shoes. Nope I like them for the reasons you mentioned and for the blessed fact that they don't make me look fat.

    Nature. Hmmn. I like visiting nature, but like you would rather retreat to a nice comfy hotel for the night.

    Wine. I am so with you, I don't drink it at all unless forced. Even then it had better be fruity and sweet.

    Dogs. I love dogs, grew up with two in fact. Not having them though does open your eyes to the fact that we are ones picking up their poop.

    MSN. I don't and have never instant messaged and so far have not joined Facebook. I fear I have too many distractions already.

    Exotic Trips. I still do fantasize about traveling to far off places, but in reality I like comfort far more than excitement.

    What else would I add? People already said champagne and lobster. So how about truffles? Gross things that are sniffed out by pigs and grow in mud. Eww.

    kittenpie said...

    On the first four, I'm all like, "What?! I don't even understand what language you are speaking when you don't love those things. Where are you from, alien?"

    But the last three? Yeah, dogs aren't my thing, MSN, feh, and exotic travel is just too damn complicated.

    KAL said...

    I'm with you on the dogs. Two-cat household here. Hmmm... I definitely agree with what a couple of others said about roses. They are my least favorite flower.

    How about jewelry? I like looking at it, sure. But since I can barely keep on my wedding ring with all the cleaning of dishes and dirty diapers. Well, just a bit overrated.

    DaniGirl said...

    Yes to the sheets, the shoes, and the MSN. Yes to exotic travel if exotic=beach, not so much if exotic=Europe. Dogs I love, and while I don't drink it often, a good red wine can be heavenly. I get twitchy if I don't get outside often enough, but that goes well with the dog thing.

    I also totally agree that baths are overrated. Boring and uncomfortable.

    Um, what else? Just about anything haute - couture or cuisine. And you know what else? Girls night out. I mean, I love to go out with friends, I love to socialize, I even love spending time with a friend who happens to be a girl. But I have never been a fan of the girls' getaway or the girls' night out.

    Victoria said...

    Oh - fresh sheets (yes - dried in the sun, Jen!) are one of my favorite things.

    All the good ones were covered (manicures? wine? bleck!) but you lost me at dogs, exotic travel and beaches. =)

    I used to think wireless was overrated (at our home) but then we got it. Can you say addiction?

    Angela said...

    Overrated hum...
    I agree about the shoes

    Terri said...

    I absolutely agree with you about dogs, but we have one because my husband is allergic to cats. One thing I think is overrated (at least within the circle of those I know) is after-Thanksgiving Day shopping. Why the heck would anyone get up at an ungodly hour to battle the crowds of people and stand in long lines just to save a little money? I have friends who swear they've found some awesome deals this way and do it every year. I can't think of anything worth this big of a hassle.

    bubandpie said...

    POW - The funny thing is, baths and baseball were two of the small pleasures that crossed my mind in preparing this post - but I concluded that I do see the attraction of those.

    SHM, Beck - Beaches I do and don't get. The point of going to the beach at this point in my life is to enjoy my children's enjoyment of it. But I've never felt especially tempted by the tropical beach vacation - unless maybe it was Bermuda or Jamaica, and then only because of the whole Wide Sargasso Sea feel.

    JCK - Pottery Barn catalogues! I don't know if that belongs on this list exactly, though - more like a separate list for things we compulsively want to do even though they're actually kind of torturous and just make us feel worse.

    Dani - Europe is the opposite of what I mean by exotic. Even beach is a little too cushy - I mean the kind of travel that involves really experiencing a foreign culture (the kind people feel really proud of themselves for doing because they're off the beaten track and expanding their minds).

    b*babbler said...

    Ooh, most of the good ones are gone. I'd definitely agree with the roses (gerbera daises are far nicer). And pedicures make me squiffy - people touching my feet. Ick!

    I'd have to add, large backyards. Specially, large lawns. Too much mowing and care required. And boxing day sales - too much work, not enough payoff.

    Mr. B&P said...

    and quite probably my sense of humour.

    Becky said...

    Wow... and here I was thinking that we had so much in common! I think I can only fully agree with you on the MSN: once upon a time, I thought it was great... now I find it an intrusion.

    But as for the rest of your list, I love to travel, I adore my dog (and I tolerate his licking), I love camping and hiking, fresh sheets help me sleep better (although it's all about the smoothness of the fitted sheet and not the "fresh scent"), and I'm often so addicted to a new pair of shoes that I will intentionally wear outfits that work with them.

    What *is* overrated for me?
    Real maple syrup - I actually prefer the fake "maple-flavoured" corn syrup... ;) I know, I'm a terrible Canadian.

    Kathryn said...

    Not a fan of instant messaging. Like you said, too much pressure.
    Skip the wine. I'll have a captain and coke. ;)

    mamakie said...

    Great list. I've never been a wine drinker - give me an ice cold Coke and slice of lemon, especially on a hot day. I'm a dog owner, but have to admit that the dog hair is enough to drive me mental some days. I've never been a shoe girl, but did buy a new pair of dress up shoes this fall and I feel a like a new woman every time I wear them (too long since I used to get dressed up in work clothes, I guess).

    I agree with the CSI shows too - can't get into the whole murder viewing on a regular basis.

    Mine would be coffee and I'm pretty sure there isn't many other people that would agree. Had a bad coffee experience at 16 and have never been able to drink the stuff. Love the smell, hate the taste.

    Janet said...

    I was scrolling through the comments saying, "Come on, somebody say 'sex!' just for fun."

    Mr. B&P hooked me up. Awesome.

    I'm catching up on blogs drinking a glass of red wine. And it is glorious. (Coke be damned).

    You know what is overrated? Watching the Oscars. Why not just read who won online the next day and go to bed at a decent hour?

    Mary G said...

    Curmudgeon! I'm with you on the wine and the shoes, but I would love to invite you to my second storey (screened) porch room in July to watch the woodpeckers feeding their voracious -- and very noisy - nestlings.
    But, wow, a fun topic. (What are you going to do to Mr BandP?)
    Overrated for me? Yeah, shellfish. Starbucks coffee. Getting dressed up (My mother bought my wedding dress and brought it to my wedding.) Most TV shows.
    What do I love most? Books. Great blogs, including yours. Chocolate.

    cheesefairy said...

    I like the feeling of clean sheets - the smell isn't a factor. (as long as they don't smell like old body anymore, I'm not fussy) And I have been breaking up with shoes since my feet went to Size 11-ville. What's to love about size 11 shoes?

    I love dogs and wine, though.

    Overrated for me: Fireworks. Noise and shiny and smoke. Whoopee. I especially dislike the annual fireworks displays branded as "Competitions" where the fireworks are set to music and then somehow there is a winner? which just strikes me as a very stupid and wasteful way to mess up a perfectly good night sky. (not to mention about as useful as having a "747 jet take-off" competition because that's about as different as one 10 minute set of fireworks fired off to "nessun dorma" is going to look from another.)

    Ah. Anyway.

    I also don't get Tim Hortons coffee. It tastes very bad to me. Why do people love it so?

    painted maypole said...

    the sheet smell doesn't get me, but the FEEL of clean sheets on my skin... very nice. ;) And yes, dogs lick WAY too much. and shoes... whateve. IMing was OK before unlimited long distance calling... or when my friend on the other side of the continent could IM me from work for hours and get away with it. but otherwise... blech. pick up the phone.

    but nature... oh.... love love love love love being outside and miss it. summers are hard here because it's too blasted hot for me to enjoy it

    Kyla said...

    I do love clean sheet night. And when paired with a night time shower, my favorite night shirt, and brand new socks it is near perfection. Although, I prefer my sheets after a bit of use. There is one day in particular where I wake up and think "This is it, perfect sheet day." Prying myself out of bed that day is ridiculously difficult.

    Shoes here too. I'm too much of a comfort gal to be too much into shoes.

    Nature. I love it, but from afar. Allergies, whining, and asthma are all immediate reactions to actual contact with said-nature. Unless it is cold outside, then I'm in heaven.

    the dragonfly said...

    I IM because I live in Germany and 99% of my friends and family live in the United States. So it works for me.

    But I'm totally with you on the shoes. My feet are...difficult. Not really odd shaped or anything, just hovering between two sizes. It's difficult to find shoes that fit.

    I also can't imagine life without wine, champagne, or bubble baths. (although I guess I did live without wine and champagne when I was pregnant...)

    Seems like most everything's been hit upon. Can't add anything new..

    Bon said...

    with you on dogs. adding to the shellfish chorus, and don't get fancy cars.

    i love me a nice glass (okay bottle) of wine, but totally don't get beer. unless it's cherry beer from Belgium. which tastes more like cotton candy than beer.

    the big pleasure that escapes me? sports.

    Amanda said...

    Cheesecake or any of the over the top chocolate confections. I simply find dessert to be disappointing, either making my mouth pucker with the intensity or leaving my mouth feeling swollen and my mind and body sluggish at best. Also, George Clooney, who I think looks very much like a monkey, and Brad Pitt, even with the sound muted he makes the roof of my mouth tickle and my neck ache with the fury of a college finals migraine.

    bubandpie said...

    Becky - Sacrilege! (The maple syrup, that is.)

    Mary G - Hubby made me promise not to hit him before he told me he'd left a comment. (So I hit him before he told me, and then went and read his comment.)

    Bon - I thought about putting sports down, but that's more a matter of sour grapes. I do enjoy watching sports, and the only reason I don't enjoy playing is that I totally suck.

    Amanda - Ooh, good one. I can't see the George Clooney thing, either. Matthew McConnaghey (sp?) is another one, as is Pierce Brosnan (I loved him as Remington Steele, but ever since I just have an "ew" reaction).

    Swistle said...

    This was awesome! What a great idea for a post! Not only is it funny, it makes me feel happier about the things I was thinking I was the only one not getting a huge kick out of.

    Gwen said...

    My love for you is faltering, B&P, when I see how cranky you can be about the best things in life (not IMing though. I get the disdain for that one).

    Not really.

    And you should be kinder to the exotic travel folks--it's not always about being proud at making the trek. Some of the stranger among us (like people who, for example, grew up in a jungle) may just like it. I'm just saying.

    I'm with the rose-, cheesecake- and fancy car haters, errr, non lovers. I don't understand chocolate, honestly, which is something like saying I don't understand Harry Potter, but there you have it.

    I can't stand expensive clothes that market themselves through visible labels. So you'll never catch me in a pair of Seven jeans, but because I am ridiculously inconsistent, I will spend more than $100 dollars on another pair of jeans and then sleep with them under my pillow every night for a year.

    Here's a seasonally appropriate overrated pleasure--Halloween candy.

    Major Bedhead said...

    Pretty much everything on your list, with the exception of shoes.

    Horror films. Never understood why they were so popular and how getting the crap scared out of you constituted time well spent.

    Sitcoms. *yawn* I can think of a handful that were worth watching. M*A*S*H*, Frasier and sometimes That 70s Show. The rest of them leave me cold and gawping at people who think they're so funny.

    moosh in indy. said...

    Freshly vacuumed floors.
    They look amazing.
    Until you step on them.

    bubandpie said...

    Gwen - That's the guilt talking ... because really I should want to get off the beaten track and have real cultural experiences instead of just going to Europe, shouldn't I?

    And everybody - Having changed my sheets just this morning, I have to offer one exception to the clean-sheets rule: the first night of flannel sheets in the winter (after a summer of cotton or - horrors - cotton/poly blend) is a wonderful pleasure.

    Patois said...

    Silk or satin sheets. I don't do a decent job in exfoliating dead skin, so I'm always catching the dead skin on the sheets. Ewwww. Give me a cozy flannel anytime.

    Skiing. My knees are shot. It's too cold. My nose is runny. Blech.

    Christine said...

    fancy cars. cars mean nothing to me except a way to get where i am going.

    theflyingmum said...

    Belgian Chocolates. If you can get your hands on a nice box of See's candy, you'll understand. And agree.

    Occidental Girl said...

    Dogs, I know. Lovely puppies and all, but not liking the muddy paws nor the constant yapping.

    IM seems like too much insistence. Email is nice with its 'at your leisure' polite convenience.

    WONDERWOMAN said...

    bonfires- The smoke usually burns my eyes, and makes me cough, the ground is cold and uncomfortable and my back cold from facing the chilly night air.

    I'm with you on the latte, to me that's the best treat

    the new girl said...

    Sleep is overrated.
    HAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding there. Little irony.

    I think getting super-fancy-dressed-up is overrated. And usually itchy and either too cold or too hot.

    Steve said...

    Classic! While I'm right there with you on your list, I think it's safe to say that I bring a bit of diversity to your commenters since I completely love all the things they don't!

    BTW - here's my incapability, social networking sites like facebook and myspace. Um, I don't get them.

    thirtysomething said...

    This was fun to read. I agree with you about dog saliva immensely. And MSN. WHo really needs it? I am going to be contemplating some overrated pleasures in my world. Thanks for sharing!

    Natalie said...

    I second MSN, exotic travel destinations, and shoes. And while I don't get much of a kick out of the smell of clean sheets (I live in a city--if I hang them out, they smell like freeway), I do love the feel of them.

    Personally, I think really big houses and all salon treatments are over-rated.

    But I do like nature, as long as it's somewhat tame. From an environmental ethical point of view, I'm glad we haven't killed off all of our bears and wolves or drained the swamps, but I still much prefer hiking in Europe to hiking in Canada. Oh the hypocrisy.

    Catherine said...

    I too love fresh sheets - when I was a kid, I took great pleasure from taking a bath, putting on freshly washed pj's, crawling into freshly washed sheets, with fresh summer air coming through the open window.

    I joined facebook recently because I discovered that the girl I au paired for years ago was on, (now a teenager) and I wanted to get back in touch with her. but I don't really use it.

    I do LOVE messaging though - but I use google.


    Aliki2006 said...

    I have to say I love freshly laundered sheets and that I do get a little thrill of excitement when I climb into bed at night and know the sheets are fresh. I'm weird that way...

    I agree with you 100% about the shoes, though. They simply don't interest me much at all.


    1. Silk anything

    2. Shrimp

    3. Granite counter tops (we don't have any so maybe this is sour grapes but, really, what's so special about them anyway?)

    4. Sushi

    I would agree with Beck--lying out in the sun is definitely overrated, but I love the beach.

    Julie said...

    Hmm. Turns out we shouldn't even be friends because I take pleasure in almost everything you listed. Interesting. Of course it turns out I must take pleasure in every little thing because I can't think of a single overrated pleasure to share. Wow. That blows my mind.

    Susanne said...

    I find much f myself in your list thought I have come to appreciate some of these things more. I had to learn the whole concept of small pleasures. Overrated: sushi, caviar, Riesling, shoes.

    I find that I like the fresh sheets more if I haven't had them in a while. If I change sheets every week (not that I have done so consistently for more than two following weeks in my life) I don't find them that special.

    AnneK said...

    Most things housekeeping (cleaning dishes, vacuuming, ironing), with you on wine (I hate the taste) and shoes and tents and outdoors. Lived in an "exotic" :D place for 23 years, Used to think the same about dogs, until I had mine. And a personal one...chocolates.

    Marian said...

    "A nice hot, relaxing bubble bath." Let's see, clear out the kids' bath toys,run a huge amount of water, slide into all that water which barely covers you anyway,likely get interrupted, look around as you try to relax... and decide that you really DO need to scub that grout, try awkwardly to wash your hair or shave, then realize you're now sitting in the dirt and hair and feel like you need to shower after your bath...

    I'm with you on instant messaging, as well as many of our high-tech devices that are supposed to simplify, save time and help us better connect with others. After paying for them, learning to use them and dealing with glitches, repairs and upgrades, have you really saved time, simplified or connected any better with anyone?

    Shoes,psychology, live concerts (one-time ticket $40, replayable CD $15?),ribs, wings, steak,celebrities ...

    We're totally opposite about nature! I feel disconnected from God, myself and everyone if I'm out of it for too long!
    Fun topic.

    Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

    I love fresh washed sheets, wine, lobster, dinner out and dogs. I agree about roses b/c I like more interesting flowers like irises and the mark-up on roses is outlandish. Also totally agree about going to the movies and exotic vacations.

    Overrated: New Year's Eve and big rock concerts. Also, big outings with small children. I'd much rather stay home!