Friday, November 02, 2007

Underrated Pleasures

  • Hawks. It’s always a thrill to see one alight on the hydro cables at the side of the highway, and an even bigger thrill to see it swoop down for the kill.

  • The phrase, “There’s many a slip between cup and lip.” (Even more fun if you say, “There’s many a slip betwixt cup and lip.”) “Six of one, half dozen of the other” is also fun, but since there are more opportunities to work it into everyday conversation, it’s not quite as exciting.

  • Really hungry children. After two months of constant illness, both my children are miraculously healthy today, and between them they consumed half a package of macaroni and cheese, the better part of two bananas, four slices of yellow pepper, two containers of applesauce, and two Very Cherry fruit cups. I can see myself becoming like one of those Italian mammas, or Mrs. Claus, pressing food upon my increasingly corpulent children and urging them, “Eat! Eat!

  • Fried egg sandwiches on a toasted croissant. With half a cheese slice on each side. Yum.

  • License plates with letters that can readily be rearranged into words. Almost like playing Boggle in the car.

  • Survivor. It has come to my attention that some people no longer watch this show. Huh? I don’t get it. There’s something about the sound of Jeff Probst’s voice saying, “You want to know what you’re playing for?” that never gets old.

  • Finishing the crossword.

  • The first few swipes from a fresh deodorant stick, while it still has a nice curve at the top.

  • Being selected as a nominee for the 2007 Weblog Awards. Vote for me in the Parenting category! Keep me out of last place!

    What are your favourite undiscovered pleasures?


    Jess said...

    I voted for you! You are the only one of those parenting blogs that I read, so it was not a difficult choice. I'll try to remember to go back and vote for you again tomorrow.

    As to undiscovered pleasures... hmm. Putting on lip balm after I get home if I forgot it when I was out and my lips are all chapped. Seeing photos from a trip in full size for the first time, especially if some of them are very good. Good hair days that require no effort.

    the dragonfly said...

    I get all excited when the Little Mister is hungry too. He's growing!! (He had a rough start.)

    And Survivor is my guilty pleasure show. I watch it and just can't believe how horrible the people can be to each other (looking through someone else's bags??! No way!)...but I just love the show. :)

    My underrated pleasures:

    -a new journal.
    -a *real letter* in the mailbox.
    -finishing a cross stitch I've been working on for ages.

    Mary Joan Koch said...

    I voted for you gladly. Underrated pleasures: a green card from the library notifying me that a book I have reserved is in; the smell of coffee that my wonderful husband brings me every day, getting the New Yorker and Entertainment Weekly in the mail; Survivor; watching an old Buffy dvd; a daughter posting new pictures on Picasa.

    Veronica Mitchell said...

    Folding laundry in a sunlit room with the windows open. And no children.

    Jenifer said...

    I just voted and for the moment you definitely not in last place.

    I am so with you on the really hungry children, this often happens after we realize we forgot to feed them lunch and all that they had was a small snack or something.

    I only like scrambled eggs and I need ketchup, but I could so see me eating it on a toasted croissant with cheese! Cheese makes everything better.

    I still love Survivor. I think I have a thing for Jeff. I was thinking about it all day yesterday, is that sad? I love the psych aspect of tossing all those people in a box and seeing what happens.

    I like anything brand new - sadly consumerism is not dead for me.

    I would add a trashy magazine being read in a hotel room on vacation, the excitement of seeing a really decked out house at Christmas time and a perfect cup of coffee.

    Mad Hatter said...


    My granny always said "betwixt the cup and the lip." I say it myself to this day.

    kittenpie said...

    Right now, the only pleasure I'm interested in is a bed. Or maybe a glass of wine to get me more pleasantly drowsy, not just grumpy and tired, and then bed. Yeah, that.

    bubandpie said...

    Jess - Lip balm - good one. I was thinking of putting in that tingly feeling of freshly applied night cream after an astringent toner - but it seemed like kind of a yucky description, somehow.

    MJK - Buffy - oh yes indeedy.

    Veronica - Putting on a fresh tablecloth and wiping down the kitchen counters would be my top housekeeping pleasure.

    Jenifer - Christmas lights get a bad rap (all those Christmas Vacation style movies about over-the-top displays). I really love Christmas lights, actually - especially sitting in a room lit only by the Christmas tree and eating a few shortbreads. Mmmm.

    bubandpie said...

    Jenifer - I just rechecked the vote tally - don't be misled by the huge bar under my name: those are Amalah's votes. The only thing keeping me out of last place right now is the fact that Antique Mommy hasn't announced her nomination on her blog.

    Kyla said...

    I voted for you. Truth be told, I was initially directed there from Amalah's, but once I saw you, I had to change my vote. ;) Then I ran over here to make sure you knew you were a finalist!

    Mouse said...

    I do the license plate thing too!

    Jenifer said...

    Yes, I saw that. It was 8 for AM and 11 for you when I voted...I was only trying to be reassuring!

    Oh I love the Christmas lights inside thing as well. We have started a tradition of reading, Twas the Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve - even before the girls were born. When were done we turn off all the lights except the tree and just sit for a while. That is definitely an underrated pleasure.

    Kathryn said...

    Underrated pleasures:
    -Flannel pj's and fuzzy socks on a cold night.
    -Driving in the car all by myself. Something I don't think I've done more than twice in the last year.
    -Actually being able to hear the sermon in church when the boys are behaving.

    AnneK said...

    Mine is curling up with hubs in the over sized recliner and playing literati together against someone online.

    Congrats on the nomination. I voted for you. You are one of my favourite reads.

    Momish said...

    I voted for you!!!! YEAH! I hope you win.

    P.S. Finishing the crossword puzzle is very high on my list.

    nomotherearth said...

    -Crawling into bed after a long day
    -America's Next Top Model
    -finding that one of your favourite authors has a new book out
    -finding that one of your favourite tv writers (Joss Whedon) is going to be doing a new show.

    So many, I could keep going!

    Going over to vote now though.

    gretchen from lifenut said...

    You got my vote, too. It's the writing.

    I've watched every season of Survivor since the beginning. My husband has made fun of me from the beginning. Glad to know I am in good company.

    Underrated pleasures:

    Finding a favorite old movie on cable---and having the time to sit down and watch it with minimal interuption.

    Fountain Coke from McDonald's.

    Orange. It gets a bad rap as a color. I don't have a lot of it in my wardrobe, but I love it on my kids. I can find them in a crowd. It's like visual vitamin C.

    Amanda said...

    So far from last place! You have my vote, which was surprisingly easy to make!

    I think the over-popped, not quite charred kernels of corn rate pretty high in underrated pleasures, as are peanut butter and honey sandwiches where the honey has started to crystallize giving it that little extra crunch.

    Antique Mommy said...

    I am totally voting for you! And it will be my pleasure.

    Greg said...

    I did my part, but I'm afraid you're in last...

    Mmm egg sandwiches! With CHEESE! (cheese makes anything better.)

    And definitely finishing a crossword. Especially one that's known to be difficult. (e.g. NYTimes.)

    My addition - those (all-too-infrequent) occasions when the dog is feeling cuddly. Especially if it's a little chilly.

    JCK said...

    Standing in my children's bedroom late at night and listening to their beautiful, rhythmic breathing. And I'm their mommy.

    The TV show "Lost". I am a crazed fan!

    Hollywood said...

    Way to go on the nomination! I have to say, the whole thing kind of seems like a huge high school popularity contest but hopefully the warm fuzzies of just the nomination will keep me from being too crabby when someone else wins.

    Your public loves you!

    Karen said...

    oh dear, I voted for you, but I fear I was too late...

    Nora Bee said...

    Hi! Congrats, and guess what? I call mine Bub too! Do you think it's the SAME BABY? No.....

    Pleasure? The first sip of morning coffee. A whole plate of just stuffing at Thanksgiving. A clean litterbox. A to-do list with everything crossed off. Cutting toenails. Sneezing. A spreadsheet with no error messages in the WHOLE THING.

    Mimi said...

    Six of one, half a dozen of the other. I say that all the time. Pynchon finally asked me, about a year ago, to tell him what the hell it meant. Figurative language. Only works if your interlocuter gets your imagery :-)

    Underrated pleasure: time and time and time stuck under the heater/dryer at the hairdresser's, while I guiltlessly get caught up on fashion/gossip magazines in blissful aloneness.

    Janet said...

    First scoop of ice cream from a new container.

    Having the entire house clean at the same time (if only for 10 minutes).

    Off to see if I can still vote for you.

    Aliki2006 said...

    Congrats on the nomination!

    the new girl said...

    A hot TAZO 'Awake' Tea and a couple lemon/ginger cookies to go with.

    A hot bath with lavender.

    Driving on a cool but sunny day with really loud music on.

    Alpha DogMa said...

    Blog bling.

    Beck said...

    I like hawks and new deoderant.
    And I like you, too. Hence my vote.

    flutter said...

    The smell of my man's neck right out of the shower, or his voice thick with sleep.

    allrileyedup said...

    Finishing a crossword puzzle is definitely a wonderful feeling. But only if I didn't cheat.

    Patois said...

    I voted for you when I was directed there by another nominee. Here's hoping she never finds out I didn't vote for her. But I gush about you all the time, so you know I adore you.

    I guess if you don't win, you'll be at the top of my Underrated Pleasures.

    Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

    Argh... this weblog award thing is making me tear apart as 2 of my favies are up there! I will have to vote for you in 24 hours. Teehee.

    Also, the hawk thing. I love those darn thingeries... except I often see them circling in the sky above my small, unexpecting chihuahua while he tromps and plays in the grass. Scary, man.

    Julie Q. said...

    Congratulations! I voted and hope to see you do well.

    painted maypole said...

    love seeing hawks. and finishing the crosswords.

    holding a child's hand. to vote for you!

    Lawyer Mama said...

    The smell of chlorine. I can't explain it. I just love it.

    Off to go vote for you....

    Sheila Cason said...

    I love your blog! I'm a newbie and am humbled by the great blogs out there but I really like yours... especially for the writing.

    I look forward to reading your posts and figuring out why I want to throw commas all over the place! Crap! It's frustrating!

    I love survivor too! But do explain what is up with the underwear in china? I find it rather distasteful and I'm not a prude! Suddenly they have managed to find bathing suits! Whew! The editors were working overtime keeping it tame for tv and even then it was getting pretty sloppy. And poor Courtney- she needs a biscuit.

    Oh and I will vote for you! Good luck!

    Angela said...

    The first hot cocoa of the season. New shampoo. A dresser full of clean laundry. Organized cupboards. The minute a migraine headache lifts. Oh! And a Saturday morning to catch up on good this one ; )

    the dragonfly said...

    Yes, yes, Buffy!! Yes!! :)

    Bon said...

    current underrated pleasure...finding that my bag of Bridge Mixture has more than its fair share of those chocolate-covered gummy things.

    voted for you, proud to do so.

    Swistle said...

    1) casseroles
    2) fresh pack of diapers
    3) a good greeting card

    Lisa said...

    Congrats on the nomination. I found your site through the awards page. Great blog!

    Chris & Allie said...

    I would have to say when your 6 week old baby smiles an actual smile at you for the first time. It doesn't get any better than that!

    fully operational battle station said...

    Well hello there! I don't know why I took that little hiatus from Bub and Pie but I am back and loving it!

    Perfectly made Latte's.

    The smell of your house after you've cleaned it.

    A new bar of soap and a new razor.

    Not having to write out the bills this month.


    b*babbler said...

    Voting for you, and happy to do so!

    Ooh, underrated pleasures?

    - a brand new book, with its new page smell and uncracked spine

    - freshly laundered sheets after a very long day

    - a big long list with many every item struck off

    - definitely with everyone on the chapstick thing

    - realizing that your kid was the best behaved when out somewhere (and you had nothing to do with it)

    (ok, perhaps some of these are more guilty pleasures then underrated pleasures)

    Ann Kroeker said...

    Hmm....underrated pleasures....

    The doughy smell of fresh, hot bagels and (two underrated pleasures in one) the first chewy bite of one of those bagels (oh, wait! a third--) and coffee!

    Fresh sheets--both the smell and the feel.

    The right mug for tea. Or teacup, if I'm feeling fancy.

    Geraniums and petunias in a flowerbox...still blooming in November in the Midwest.

    The smooth feel of freshly brushed teeth.

    Finally, discovering your blog.

    Marian said...

    How about putting on a pair of brand new socks?
    I'm a simple girl.

    manic mommy said...

    Finally catching on to a blogger to see what all the fuss was about. You ARE good.

    With full credit to you, my pleasures are posted: