Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On the Way Home From School

Me: So Pie, did you play with anybody today at your preschool?

Pie: No. Just by myself.

Me: Do you want to play with the other kids, or would you rather play by yourself?

Pie: By myself.

Me: Pie, which do you like better - Brenda's house [her old caregiver] or the new preschool?

Pie: (enthusiastically) Brenda's house!!!

Me: Why?

Pie: I like the kids there. I like Allie ... and Selma! I like Selma.

Me: Maybe you'll like some of the kids at your new preschool once you get to know them.

Pie: No. I can only like two. Allie and Selma. Those are two.

Me: Hey Bub - which do you like better? Nursery school or kindergarten?


Me: Bub? Are you there?

Bub: I can't talk.

Pie: (taken aback) But you have a mouf. And you just did talk!


Mad said...

Ooof. So many anxieties that wiggle and worm their way to the surface.

Jenifer said...

I love Pie's age and how they think. I hope she finds some new little girls to be buddies with soon.

Anonymous said...

When my kids were in grades 2 and 4 respectively, we moved to a bigger house across town causing each child to change schools but still in town.
To the questions "who did you play with at recess?" my youngest would hang his head and reply, sadly, "Nobody." The first parent/teacher conference was a couple of weeks into the school year, I asked the teacher if my 2nd grader's transition to the new school had affected him socially. The teacher did a double-take at her list, asked his name again, then put the list down, looked at me carefully and said,"Oh, he's playing you. He has lots of friends, we call him mayor of recess", etc.

Janet said...

A mouf. The sweet!

Every time a friend moves, my kids ask when we are going to move to a new house. When I point out that a move would, likely, result in a change of schools, they are horrified and promptly make me swear that we will never move. I trust they would adjust fine, but the notion is horrifying to them.

Mouse said...

Upon making friends in Springfield, Scooter disavowed his friends from Toronto. He's backed down on that a little, but mostly seems to feel that there are only a limited number of friend slots.

Sharp catch on Pie's part; already paying attention to failures of logic.

cinnamon gurl said...

This week, Swee'pea's last week at this daycare, he announced that he doesn't like his best friend anymore, doesn't want to see him at all. The teacher has no recollection of anything happening, so I'm left thinking that he's feeling that way because he's leaving...

Gwen said...

Two friends is even better than one! (I always tell my daughter that all she needs is one good friend.) Hoping she finds even more in the new spot.

Sue said...

I always worry so much over my children's social well-being. I'm projecting, I know.

Denguy said...

"you have a mouf"
Good one.

My son hasn't made any friends at school either, he just plays by himself. But today he told me about another kid who made a marble run and he watched.

bgirl said...

thanks for the smile.

hugs to those kids and you mama!

kia (good enough mama) said...

Love it! "Mouf!"

i hope pie finds some friends and some excitement at her preschool.

Omaha Mama said...

I can't talk.
Okay, that's kinda funny.
Lately, to me, the B has been all, "I don't want to talk about it." Insert dramatic tone and gestures.

nomotherearth said...

I think kids like change just about as much as I do. Which is not at all.

I can't talk...I often catch the Boy with just such irony. Too funny!

bren j. said...

Well everybody likes a Brenda! :)

Here's to fast friends and quick adjustments.

DaniGirl said...

They get cuter and more precocious by the hour at this age, don't they?

Stimey said...

That is so my life too. Quinn babbles and babbles (and doesn't want to play with "the kids" either), and Jack refuses to talk. So then one of his brothers will create words for him.

Patois said...

Your kids? Now them I could talk about all day.