Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hot Tip

I found this great decorating tip in Canadian Home & Country magazine: decorate your bathroom by tucking paint chips into the mirror frame. Technically, this tip wasn't in the actual magazine: it was in the Febreze advertising insert. You might wonder if it's really a good idea to derive one's unique decor ideas from a product that's used primarily to eradicate the odour of barf from one's couch. On the other hand, if there's anyone who SHOULD be using paint chips as a decor statement, it's me.

So I picked out a few paint chips, mostly colours I had wanted to use in my home but didn't: Kennebunkport Green, Nacho Cheese, Roxbury Caramel. Not only do they add a festive splash of colour to a bathroom that's otherwise just a little bit dull, but the mirror is a perfect spot for them, a place where it's perfectly natural (irresistible, actually) to lean forward and read the names on the chips.

When hubby got home, he confirmed that my new decorating statement looks utterly ridiculous. Pie even got into the act, angrily pulling down all my chips the other morning after she finished washing her hands. But that's the beauty of it: you can swap out new paint chips all the time, recreating your colour scheme on the fly. The real question is not "Why do you have paint chips in your mirror?" but rather "Is there any limit to how far you can take this inspired design idea?"

So far, I've limited myself to a 5"x7" frame on the dresser in my bedroom (that's Moccasin, Brick Red, and Whitall Brown you see there). But I'm just getting started.